April 21, 2024
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TikTok is a social media site for creating, sharing, and viewing short videos that is trend-driven and has 689 million monthly users since its introduction in 2017. (15 seconds). TikTok is a terrific platform for independent content producers, companies, and brands to promote their products, people, and ideas to a worldwide audience in a unique way.

TikTok’s Hidden Emoji Codes: How to Unlock Them

TikTok is about more than just sharing creative content; it’s also about participating in a special community, contributing, and having conversations. You’ll need to be familiar with TikTok’s secret language, which consists of a set of obscure emojis that you can “unlock” by inputting certain short name codes, in order to do this efficiently. While some of these emojis, emoticons, and stickers are exclusive to TikTok, others are exactly like ones you’ve seen on other platforms.

How to add a hidden TikTok emoji?

When making a TikTok comment, you just enclose the secret code you’re using in two square brackets. Take [angel] as an example.

Use square brackets whenever possible rather than curved ones. It will change into a hidden emoji after you successfully input the code.

What’s the logic behind using TikTok’s hidden emoji?

The hidden emoji on TikTok has two significant benefits. Using these emojis will demonstrate to the programme that you are well-known and are familiar with its secret code.

The second is that TikTok’s hidden emoji appear in the same visual style across all operating systems and devices, unlike standard emoji on iOS, Android, and Microsoft, ensuring that their meaning is never in dispute.

Did you know that TikTok has a hidden library of emojis? Here is a complete list of all 46 secret codes with instructions on how to use them.

Emojis are widely used, but you probably weren’t aware that TikTok has its own set of emoticons that aren’t supported by iOS or Android.

Here’s how to get them; they’re different from the emojis you’re used to.

A comprehensive collection of all the secret TikTok emojis. There are 46 TikTok emojis that are presently concealed. The whole list of secret TikTok emoji that you may open right now is shown below.

  • Cry
  • greedy
  • happy
  • hehe
  • joyful
  • laugh
  • laughwithtears
  • loveface
  • lovely
  • nap
  • cute
  • disdain
  • drool
  • embarrassed
  • evil
  • excited
  • flushed
  • funnyface
  • shout
  • slap
  • smile
  • smileface
  • speechless
  • stun
  • sulk
  • surprised
  • tears
  • thinking
  • pride
  • proud
  • rage
  • scream
  • shock
  • weep
  • wicked
  • wow
  • wronged
  • yummy
  • facewithrollingeyes
  • angel
  • angry
  • astonish
  • awkward
  • blink
  • complacent
  • cool

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