July 18, 2024
Best AI Content Curation Tools to Keep You Relevant in 2024

Even if every piece of material you produce should be entirely original—or, to put it more clearly, free of plagiarism—this does not mean that your brand has to limit its distribution to its own works. It takes time to create content, whether it be for a blog, a video, or even social media.

It is a smart idea to include content curation into your plan to assist position your business as a leading voice and free up your marketing staff. But instead of adding this additional duty to the list of duties your marketing department already has, give it to AI.

These fantastic solutions may let your marketing staff relax by automating a large portion of the process. That is, after all, one of the primary motivations for sharing material from outside sources, isn’t it?

Best AI Content Curation Tools

Best AI Content Curation Tools
Best AI Content Curation Tools

1. Quuu

Quuu was founded in 2015 and has been highlighted in publications such as Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. The fact that the business has mostly expanded by utilizing its own potent instrument adds even more significance to their meteoric ascent to prominence.

Their AI curation tool has been called Robin with fondness. Robin’s responsibility is to locate pertinent blog entries, podcast episodes, and video snippets. Moreover, it has integrations with several top social media marketing tools. This implies that it will simplify the process of sharing material itself as well as the task of locating pertinent stuff to share.

Every piece of material you publish has the ability to link back to your own content through unique calls to action. Then, you can easily measure clicks and conversions in one location to see how successful this technique has been. A/B testing is another tool you may use to expand on these findings.

Important characteristics consist of:

  • Link administration & analytics
  • Shortening links
  • Personalized calls to action
  • Connectivity with SocialBee, Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Buffer

Plans and costs:

  • A free plan is available on Quuu, which distributes up to six recommendations every day. The monthly fee is $29 (or $5 if paid annually) for the capacity to connect additional profiles and get more than six recommendations daily.

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2. Scoop.it

Scoop.it provides solutions for information curation to both individuals and enterprises. The team, which was established over 10 years ago, is motivated by the idea that technology and software can improve the efficiency of content publication. Millions of people have benefited from their assistance in publishing several content pieces, which has helped them draw in even more readers.

Their years of expertise have allowed them to develop a special approach called lean content marketing. This approach forms the basis for their product roadmap in addition to being best practices.

Additionally, they have developed a content intelligence program. Their technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to examine millions of information sources in order to better comprehend the underlying subjects.

Scoop.it can assist you with using it for your personal blog, company website, or social media profiles. For instance, it makes it simple to schedule material to be posted on all of your social media channels if you want to use it for social media.

Overall, if you deliver email newsletters to your list on a regular basis, it’s also a terrific solution. Scoop offers assistance with email newsletter marketing.It has a simple drag-and-drop interface, Mailchimp connectivity, and newsletter creation templates.

Important characteristics consist of:

  • Using unique themes for branding
  • Calendaring content and scheduling the creation of newsletters Analytics

Plans and costs:

  • Grab.There are two premium choices and a free plan available. Pricing begins at $18 per month (or $15 per month when paid annually) following a complimentary seven-day trial.

3. Anders Pink

Anders Pink’s philosophy is based on the idea that there ought to be a more intelligent approach to making people smarter—that is, ongoing learning. However, it is not possible to manually curate material. Their alternative is to guarantee a consistent flow of integrated, new material by combining teams and strong algorithms.

They provide a range of curation options, such as online curation and comprehensive curation. It’s also really easy to use. Initially, they will determine the best way for automated curation to meet your demands. Following this study, they will integrate their curation tool with your platform and collaborate with you to ensure a smooth launch.

It serves over a million users, including major international corporations like Spotify, Hitachi, and Scania, and records close to 40,000 subjects. For instance, Scania and Anders Pink have teamed to assist Scania’s digital transformation efforts as well as ongoing learning and reskilling.

Important characteristics consist of:

  • ready-to-use plugins for widely used systems
  • Particular integration techniques
  • Curation of websites

Plans and costs:

  • Details on cost will need to be discussed directly with Anders Pink.

4. Curata

Curata, which was founded in 2010, is of the opinion that natural language processing and machine learning may aid in making sense of the enormous volume of material that is available online. It has shaped the content marketing of hundreds of clients in a variety of sectors, including Cisco. They have drawn several accolades in addition to a sizable clientele. For instance, they have been consistently acknowledged by G2 as a leader in the content marketing software market.

Curata searches the web for pertinent results using parameters like authors and keywords. Additionally, the more you use their own learning engine, the smarter it gets, so you can anticipate even greater outcomes.

Important characteristics consist of:

  • Workflow that is easy to use
  • Personalized publication guidelines and timetables
  • Integrations for marketing automation
  • electronic newsletters

Plans and costs:

  • You must get in contact with Curata directly if you would like further information about their prices.

5. Listly

Listly is a good option if you’re primarily looking for a tool to assist you in gathering data, such as statistics. It’s a web scraping tool that doesn’t require any coding, and it can be used to gather sports statistics, track news, and gather reviews. Utilized by several well-known companies, such as Amazon, Philips, and the Alibaba Group, it may save time for marketers, merchants, and numerous other non-tech workers.

Important services include of:

  • Integration of API, Scheduling, Group extraction
  • Automatic scrolling

Plans and costs:

  • Listly has two premium choices, a free plan, and a few add-ons that are optional. Following a complimentary 14-day trial, monthly rates begin at $90.

The Advantages of Curating Content using AI

The Advantages of Curating Content using AI
The Advantages of Curating Content using AI

Apart from the time savings, curating material may also assist you in networking. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch the attention of a company or influencer, and you two may start a profitable collaboration.

If you’re not interested in these two advantages, you could find this appealing. It generates a beneficial backlink for another party. Yes, they are not required to repay the favor. But be aware that you have just aided in the link-building activities of another company. Bravo for you.

AI’s Role in Content Curation Future

AI can assist you with a variety of content-related activities, regardless of whether you need assistance with your content strategy or content optimization. AI will contribute significantly to the growth of the creative economy, just as content producers have.

Nevertheless, the human element will always be necessary. AI facilitates the process of finding and producing better content for companies, marketing teams, and content providers. In other words, rather than looking for AI-powered content production tools to take the position of your content marketing team, the focus should be on identifying the best content curation software solutions to assist you with your task.


As we embrace the era of AI, integrating content curation tools is not about replacing human efforts but enhancing them. The future lies in a symbiotic relationship between AI and human creativity.


How does AI contribute to content curation efficiency?

AI automates processes, saving time and improving relevance.

Are these tools suitable for small businesses?

Yes, many offer scalable plans catering to diverse business sizes.

Can AI completely replace human involvement in content curation?

No, AI complements human efforts but cannot replace the creative touch.

Is there a learning curve for using these tools?

Most tools have user-friendly interfaces, reducing the learning curve.

What sets AI-powered content curation apart from traditional methods?

AI adds efficiency, personalization, and adaptability to the curation process.

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