June 22, 2024
Three simple ways to connect an iPhone to a TV-featured (1)

If you use an iPhone and are viewing anything on your phone, such as a movie or a cricket match, you probably wish you were watching it on your TV instead of your phone since the picture size on a TV is much greater than it is on a mobile screen. You need to be acquainted with these types of cutting-edge iPhone functions if you want to succeed in contemporary life.

Everyone prefers watching things on a larger screen as opposed to a mobile device. Watching YouTube videos, TikTok, photographs, or a cricket match on a TV in your living room rather than on your phone can make you seem more credible. When you are viewing anything on a huge screen, your room will glow. Even if one of them will cost money, there are still fairly straightforward ways to connect your iPhone to the TV.

Without further ado, we will explain to you how to quickly and easily connect your iPhone to your TV.

Go old-school with a wire

Making a gadget that sends a picture to a TV has taken over 15 years. It may be completed quickly by employing an HDMI cable, which is plugged into a TV port on one end and the device on the other. Using an HDMI cable is a straightforward method of connecting to your large screen. Your output device, whether it’s your Xbox, large TV, Roku, or another device, is what sends the signal to your big screen. Any material may be seen on your TV when connected to it through an HDMI connection that resembles a bridge.

However, as an iPhone lacks an HDMI connector, it cannot be connected via HDMI cable like other smartphones. Mobile devices lack an HDMI connector that would allow them to be connected to your TV. In mobile phones, there is just one small port for charging and one port for headphones. Since mobile phones are compact in size and already have enough ports to cover the necessary area, no more ports are created to keep them in excellent condition while in use. You must purchase Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter, which costs between $20 and $50, in order to use Apple products like iPhones.

We won’t advise you to purchase anything, but if it’s required, you can obtain one of them. Since you can better assess your circumstances than we can in this instance, you should make the decision to purchase on your own, if required. Now that you’ve made up your mind to purchase one of these adapters, the instructions for connecting it are as follows and can be found on Apple’s website. Simply follow these instructions to join.

  1. Connect your iPhone to a lightning port.
  2. Next, plug the second end of the HDMI cable into the converter and attach the first end to your output display.
  3. Try switching the cord to other input ports if nothing appears on the screen.

If your display is not visible on your TV screen, you may have not inserted the wire propyl or it may have been in the incorrect port. You must connect all the wires to their correct ports. Once everything is set up, your Apple Phone’s display will simply be shown on your TV screen, enabling you to use your phone while watching TV. Your huge screen will display everything you run or open on your phone, illuminating your room as you do so. Simply playing it on your phone will allow you to view films, pictures, or live sporting events on your TV. There is a noticeably simpler and cost-free technique to view any material, despite the fact that it could appear uncomfortable and burdensome to you.

Just use AirPlay

We really hope you’re a bit acquainted with AirPlay, but don’t worry if you aren’t—wireless it’s Apple’s device-to-device streaming solution, and it can be accessed with a few taps on an iPhone. If you were reading this, all you would need is a wired iPhone and an AirPlay-compatible device. These days, AirPlay and smart TV compatibility extends to Roku devices. If you don’t have both devices, this capability is offered through an Apple TV streaming box.

For it to function, you must be able to recognise the AirPlay icon. You may discover that symbol when viewing a video in a streaming app or web browser; all you have to do is click on it. It has an upward-facing triangle-like form.

When you touch it for the first time, whatever you chance to be viewing will be linked to an AirPlay device nearby and shown on the TV. You must ensure that the iPhone and Airplay device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the connection to function correctly. The only thing that may be wrong is that after pressing the AirPlay symbol, you didn’t see the device on a list of connections.

An iPhone’s screen may be made visible to an AirPlay-compatible device by utilising an HDMI converter without the need for another wire. When you pull up the control centre on your iPhone by sliding across the screen, you will see a large button labelled “Screen Mirroring.” By touching it, a window will appear and ask you to connect to the AirPlay device by entering a password on the screen. Once you’re connected, you’re in.

The most popular and straightforward solution for consumers is to utilise AirPlay to show an iPhone on a TV. It can be used to link an iPhone to a large screen on a lot of contemporary gadgets. Here is one choice if you need to make choices that are consistent with the outcomes.

A Chromecast will get you part of the way there, too

It’s possible that Google’s Chromecast technology will be used to compete with Apple, although its functionality is same with iPhone. Therefore, a specialised Chromecast device for your output display or a smart TV with built-in Chromecast are all you need to utilise the Chromecast with an iPhone.

Only the AirPlay-like Chromecast features are available to iPhone users. You can learn about the applications that stream YouTube videos straight from an iPhone to a Chromecast by touching the Chromecast icon. Although they cover the same functionality as AirPlay icons, Chromecast icons appear considerably different.

Because Chromecast is fairly restricted and cannot show phone screens on televisions, we may use Chromecast to see iPhone displays on Big Screens. It lacks functionality similar to AirPlay.

There are several different ways to see your iPhone’s display on your TV screen using various media and devices. You may use an HDMI cable to connect to your TV, AirPlay, or Chromecast to show content from your mobile device on the big screen.

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