July 18, 2024
The Valet Parking Software-featured

Customers may self-park using valet parking rather than looking for a parking spot. By doing this, businesses make extra money. A valet parks the customer’s vehicle once they pull into an allocated parking space, which is a high-value service. The client is free to do business while the valet parks the car.

A product that gives consumers extra benefits when they park their automobiles is a valet parking software. Customers using this kind of software may choose from a variety of features. For instance, photo-based car damage assessment, valet alternatives without tickets, etc.

How do you select the best parking software for your business?

Prior to choosing the finest parking software for your company, you must first ascertain your demands. Consider how many cars, sites, staff, and clients you want to oversee, for instance. Also consider how many places you want to cover. You may choose what to seek for in parking software once you are aware of your demands. We have the top-notch Valet Parking Software for you after a long search.

This so-called “Valet Parking Software” combines desktop and portable features. The operator may improve service quality, reduce labour and damage claims, and enhance company income by adopting this software. This app has a lot of well-liked features. These functions include PCI compliant credit card processing, ticketless valet choices, photo-based vehicle damage assessment, and linkages with third-party programmes like PARCS, hotel management systems, and casino management systems.

Benefits of using Valet Parking Software

  • Increasing company profits
  • Boost client satisfaction
  • Lower labour expenses
  • Less damage claims cases
  • A function that captures the whole valet parking procedure, from the arrival of the automobile until its departure.
  • Connects with the hotel administration system to automatically post parking fees to guest accounts.
  • Processes credit card transactions using P2PE and EMV solutions across 5 major gateways.
  • Produces efficacy reports that help to make valet service more efficient.
  • Integrate with all major PARCS, hotel management systems, and popular casinos.

The functionality of the software

The main functionalities of this software are:

Management of apps

Keep an eye on and track everything that happens in the application. In addition to keeping track of all valet drivers, car request times, and delivering parking and retrieval information directly to your valet employees, this also provides rapid check-ins with valet customers.

Payment procedures

This programme supports and manages a wide variety of payment methods, discounts, and rate structures.

Use pictures

saves pictures of the automobile at the moment of arrival together with the car’s location, ticket number, and chosen date. This is done to protect you from false consumer claims.

A support person (Valexa) for the ticketless valet

The world’s first Valentine parking ability was created for Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. The consumer may rapidly connect to any department within a hotel or casino business by using this technology.

Parking technology from CVPS.NET

Any valet client architecture may be virtually adjusted using a desktop client-server valet system in the cloud or local settings.

KIOSKS upon customer request

This method of paying for parking and requesting vehicle returns is more flexible and easy.

Inspection lanes for valets

A mobile valet solution works well for low to medium volume valet operations, while a dedicated lane is the ideal option for big volume valet operations. For instance, entrance and departure lanes, an outside canopy, etc.

Different payment options

There are many ways to pay with the valet parking software. These are the choices:

  • Pay using a mobile device (use credit card and phone number)
  • Payment and reservations for tickets online
  • Ticketless parking (compatible with the mobile credit card)
  • Independent validators (at the time of arrival and departure)
  • Contactless transaction (offers Google Pay, Apple Pay, and NFC payment technology)
  • Ticket verification over a web interface

We hope you liked reading about the parking management tools available to you. Your parking company will benefit from this valet parking software, which will also enhance client satisfaction.

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