July 18, 2024
Dee Dee Benkie

The role she played in the film “Sicilian Vampire” helped Dee Dee Benkie become a well-known TV and radio host as well as an actor. She was the Republican National Convention’s chairperson as well.

She gained notoriety as the spouse of late actor Paul Sorvino, who passed away on July 25 at the age of 83.

All you need to know about Dee Dee Benkie is provided here. Scroll forward.

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How old is Dee Dee Benkie?

Dee Dee Benkie, who married Paul Sorvino in 2014, is 55 years old and now uses his last name.

She is the stepmother to Mira, Michael, and Amanda Sorvino, Paul’s three children from prior unions.

She is successful on her own terms since she has been recognized for her work as an actress, a radio personality, and the chairperson of the Republican National Convention.

According to TMZ, she was on Paul’s side when he passed away.

How Did Dee Dee Benkie And Paul Sorvino Meet?

Dee Dee Benkie

Paul Sorvino and Dee Dee Benkie first met when appearing with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News show “Your World” in 2013. Nobody could have predicted that they would end up together at the moment. Paul married three times throughout his life, but after splitting from his first two spouses, he stayed with Dee Dee for eight years.

Paul said about his wife to the Los Angeles Times, “She took the chair behind me… I immediately lost control when I saw her. She is wearing a gorgeous blue dress and is encircled by an aura. Oh my Goodness, this will be for me, he said. It was equally remarkable when they went on their first date at the renowned Del Frisco Restaurant. The couple decided to elope and be married a year after having a brief romance.

Dee Dee and her husband Paul Sorvino collaborated on the book “Pinot, Pasta, and Parties,” which quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list. Dee Dee Benkie and Paul Sorvino were real partners in everything. After Paul’s passing, Dee Dee also expressed her shock in writing. She said that the loss of her life’s love had left her distraught.

Dee Dee Benkie’s Career and Net Worth

Dee Dee Benkie has appeared in a number of films after making the move to acting. These films include Sicilian Vampire, Welcome to Acapulco, and Bad Impulse. She first gained notoriety for her part in Sicilian Vampire, and to this day, it’s likely that she is most remembered for it. Paul Sorvino’s wife is certainly wealthy. Along with her acting profession, her involvement with the Republican Party has contributed significantly to her bank account. Her net worth is presently not known with certainty, though.

Paul Sorvino’s wife Dee Dee Benkie was a prominent politician

Former radio host and actress Dee Dee Benkie has made a name for herself in politics. She supposedly held the position of chairman of the Republican National Convention and worked as George W. Bush’s assistant.

Denessa Purvis Benkie, the name by which she was given at birth, was born in Indiana on November 9, 1966. Benkie has been on a number of regional, national, and international TV and radio programmes for networks like Fox News, BBC, CBS, Comedy Central, and Al Jazeera, among others, according to IMDb.

Along with these films, Benkie starred in Sicilian Vampire, Welcome to Acapulco, My Jurassic Place, Price for Freedom, Acts of Desperation, Bad Blood, and Bad Impulse. She even made an appearance in the Electoral Dysfunction documentary, which won an award.

In recognition of anchoring the worldwide conversation programme Fresh Perspective on EBRU TV, the media personality received an Emmy Award. For her work on the Six-Thirty PM news magazine, she was also given the NUVOnewsweekly award for Best Talk Show Host in Indianapolis.

Benkie also dabbled in stand-up comedy and is well known for his appearances at Vitellos, a renowned dinner club. During their 2013 Fox News appearance for Neil Cavuto’s show Your World, the former actress got to know Paul Sorvino for the first time.

Paul’s Death

Dee Dee Sorvino said yesterday that her spouse passed away on July 25 from natural causes. “I am completely saddened,” she tweeted. The loveliest man that has ever lived, the love of my life, has passed away. “I am brokenhearted.”

“Our hearts are devastated,” she continued in a statement. “There will never be another Paul Sorvino. He was the love of my life and one of the finest actors to ever grace the cinema and stage.”

She is the stepmother to Mira, Michael, and Amanda Sorvino, three children from Paul’s prior unions.

One Last Thing

Dee Dee Benkie’s birth name was Denessa Purvis Benkie; her present moniker must have been something she came up with on her own. She is Paul Sorvino’s third relationship; his first two partners were his ex-wives. It is only possible to hope and pray that her relationship with Paul would not end up like the others’.

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