June 22, 2024
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I would advise reading this post in its whole if you are a Walmart employee seeking for the steps to set up wmlink/2step verification code to log in to your account on the employee portal and understand why it is necessary and how it will be useful.

It is a comprehensive manual for comprehending the whole procedure and why it is required if you work in a Walmart shop.

A corporation finds it challenging to manage all of its personnel after it reaches the several thousand mark.

They put up a centralized system where the employee can access the most recent information about the business, their pay stubs, information about their appraisals, their leaves, their perks, and everything else. Furthermore, Walmart carries out the same action.

One Walmart (WIRE), a special portal created by Walmart for its employees, allows them to view all employee-related information by logging in using their ASDA credentials.

You might accomplish this if you are inside the Walmart or on their network. You will need to input your ASDA login information and the 6-digit rotational code, also known as the 2-step verification code that I’m going to teach you in this post, in order to access your information while not connected to the Walmart network. Example: wmlink/2step to set up One Walmart’s two-step verification.

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WMLINK/2Step Verification

These days, two-step verification is rather prevalent since it adds an additional layer of protection to your account, which you must access on a specific website. To prevent illegal access to consumer bank accounts, the majority of banks must have this function activated.

We may thus conclude that 2 step verification is now a must, which motivates Walmart to install it for its employees in order to protect their data.

Along with ASDA login information, 2Step verification is required for Walmart workers to access the employee site. The Walmart employee portal is essentially a dashboard that looks a lot like the one you get when you sign in to your bank account using Net Banking. On this dashboard, you can find all the information you need, including your account statement, your profile, transactions, and the option to apply for a chequebook, credit card, debit card, or other services.

The Walmart Employee Portal is different from the one you access when placing an order because it is only accessible by employees. On it, they can access company news, upcoming events, payslips, apply for leave and track it, manage their workload, and access employee benefits like insurance and bonuses. For the employee to handle all of their work-related tasks, this is a one-stop shop!

When you visit a member-only site for Walmart employees when outside the company’s network, 2Step verification, which is easy to set up, is necessary.

For instance, you should have the two-step verification function activated if you need to access the employee portal when you are outside the Walmart store.

You will just need to input a six-digit rotating code on a member-only website along with your ASDA login information to access your employee account.

This 6-digit number may be obtained by text messages, applications, or phone calls and changes extremely regularly.

You may choose one of these three options to obtain the 6-digit security code, however you can change your mind at any moment.

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How to set up wmlink/2step Verification

So, if you’ve recently started working for Walmart and are wondering how to set up wmlink/2step Verification, here’s the straightforward procedure. You may choose one of three methods—text message, voice call, or app—to obtain the six-digit number, and the procedure is fairly straightforward.


To begin setting up wmlink/2step Verification, you must first log in to Walmart WIRE, an associates-only portal, in the same manner as you would to any other website on the internet. Visit Walmart One. A login page will be shown.


When logging in, you must first enter your User ID, then choose your location from Homeoffice, Store/Club, Store/Club-Pharmacy, or DC, and then click the “Sign in” button.

Step 3:

Verify that you are logged into your account and not someone person’s before moving on. Do this: check for your name in the upper right corner of the website. If I locate your name, you may continue; if I find another person’s name, log out and try again to log in.


It’s time to set up the two-step verification in Step 4, so make sure you are signed into your account. Call, text, or an app are the three alternatives I indicated above that you may choose from.

Walmart One 2-Step Verificationwmlink2step on Walmart-2


Follow these steps to get a six-digit verification number through text message.

Step- I:

Choose “Setup Text Messaging” in Step I.


Choose Text Messaging from the options, then choose the nation (which is the United Kingdom), and last, input your mobile phone number.


To confirm your mobile phone number, click the blue “Send Code” button.

Walmart One 2-Step Verificationwmlink2step on Walmart-3


To finish the procedure, you must input a security code that will be sent to your mobile device. After you enter the code and click “Submit,” the two-step text message verification procedure is finished.



Choose “Setup Voice Call” in Step I.


Choose the nation, then type in the mobile phone number you wish to receive voice calls.


Enter the phone number once again, along with the area code, and then click “Submit.” Just that

Walmart One 2-Step Verificationwmlink2step on Walmart-4



First Step: Click “Setup App”


Download the VIP Access app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your operating system.


As indicated in the accompanying image, enter the Credential ID and Security code.


Press the “Submit” button to finish the process.

Walmart One 2-Step Verificationwmlink2step on Walmart-5

How to Change the Verification Method?

You may simply modify the verification method if you need to for any reason. Yes, you may choose to get your 6-digit verification code through an app rather than a phone or text message, and vice versa.

You may really change from one way to another. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1:

Have your login credentials handy as you must first check in to the Wire Portal.

Step 2:

Use the same portable that you put up the two-step verification code on in step 2. Enter the information by visiting WIRE Portal.

Step 3:

Choose one of the three accessible alternatives to switch to your preferred technique. That’s how easy it is.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the WIRE Portal or OneWalmart?

It’s a website that gives workers access to their member area, where they can access their paystubs, check their leave status, see employee perks, and receive all the corporate information. Only staff have access to this site, which is separate from the one you use for online purchasing.

2 Step Verification: What Is It?

When logging onto the member-only site, employees must input a 6-digit dynamic code that changes every minute in order to access their accounts.

When an employee is not connected to the Walmart network or away from a Walmart store, two-step verification is required in order for them to log in to their member section on the member-only site, the WIRE Portal.

Why is two-step verification required?

It offers an additional degree of protection to prevent illegal access to the employee’s member area, particularly while the employee is not at the Walmart store.

What methods are there for getting a verification code?

Receive a 6-digit verification code through a voice call, an app, or text messaging—choose one of these three options!

Can we alter the verification process whenever we want to?

Yes, you are always free to alter the verification method.

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