June 21, 2024
MultCloud A Cloud Storage Data Management Tool-featured

It is now simpler to safeguard, administer, and distribute files and other information thanks to the greatest cloud storage options. These days, even the most complex data may be securely transferred to the cloud since the majority of premium providers are supported by the greatest security technologies and integration.

Additionally, certain programmes, like MultCloud, are designed to assist a cloud storage manager in managing their cloud storage from a simple, user-friendly interface. Using a single exact interface, this programme allows you to examine numerous cloud storage forums, including Google Drive or Dropbox. With the press of a button, you may handle files, move data across fields, and carry out many more tasks.

To assist you understand how effective it is as it seems, we investigate more closely at the transfer files from google drive to dropbox feature in our review of MultCloud.

Payment Plans

Along with a fantastic free version, MultCloud also provides subscription services that may be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

A typical user should have more than enough space in the free edition to transfer or sync up to 30GB per month. There are no file size restrictions and an infinite number of cloud storage accounts may be connected. You will be able to do one task at a time, however.

You may get 150GB per month by upgrading to monthly memberships for $ 9.90 per month. Up to eight bespoke synchronisation methods will be available to you, and you will be able to handle two synchronisation jobs concurrently.

The Quarterly and Annual Unlimited plans are identical to the Monthly option, with the exception of their cost and data transfer limitations. You may get up to 200GB for $ 24.90 every quarter with a quarterly subscription. Visit the Unlimited Annual Plan, which costs $ 119.90 annually, for unrestricted data transfers.

Advanced Features

MultCloud is a special tool that is accompanied by a wide selection of cutting-edge capabilities. Although it is far more capable than that, its most fundamental purpose is to enable you to manage several cloud storage accounts from a single central interface.

Connectivity and Transfer

You may connect to the cloud storage accounts of more than 30 providers using MultCloud (iCloud is very different). From a single dashboard for central management, you can view, edit, and manage files. To invite suitable other people to see files or folders, you may also create secure sharing links.

The new cloud transfer tool makes it simple to copy, paste, and drag-and-drop files and folders across cloud storage accounts. In addition, before re-uploading the data to another account, you will need to download the files yourself from one account.

Synchronization options

You may set up auto-sync between two or more cloud storage accounts using sophisticated cloud synchronisation solutions. Use this to manage more precisely or to regularly make extra backups of vital data.

Interactive UI

The MultCloud user interface is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. However, because it makes file management, transfer, and synchronisation simple, this is not at all a negative thing.

Multiple account connectivity on Cloud

It shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to add more cloud storage accounts, and you’ll be able to manage them from the main dashboard. Share data across accounts by creating secure links, dragging and dropping files or folders, or by setting up global sync settings to simplify ongoing management.


Don’t overlook it if you want immediate assistance from the MultCloud team. Live chat and phone assistance are not offered. While the email service is allegedly accessible around-the-clock, every day of the year, you should still plan on a delay of at least a few hours before receiving a response.

Fortunately, they have access to a solid knowledge source that includes topic recommendations and instructions. Additionally, there is a public forum and a list of FAQs that answer frequently asked topics.


The security features of MultCloud are top-notch. The forum adheres to highly strong security protocols, which include not keeping user data, encrypting all transfers using AES Full (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption, and allowing users to deactivate their accounts and any associated data at any time.

With an innovative OAuth account authorization system that enables you to sign in to your account without revealing your password or username to MultCloud, you will also profit from the complete GDPR compliance.

The absence of two-factor authentication, which may offer an extra layer of login protection, is another significant flaw to be addressed.

Final Words

For good reason, MultCloud often promotes a ranking of the top cloud management tools. controls every element of managing cloud storage, enabling simple synchronisation and transfer across platforms.

Its user interface is clear and simple to use, and it supports more than 30 cloud storage systems. Its free system is outstanding. MultCloud is one of our top recommendations if you’re seeking for a programme to manage many cloud storage accounts.

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