May 23, 2024
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The ability to link PCs to cellphones through a specialized app is one of the most significant innovations brought to Windows. However, there is a process that you must adhere to.

Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS in November 1985, which started to rule the global PC industry and is today the most widely used operating system worldwide.

And few people are aware that Windows is an operating system for certain embedded devices in addition to personal computers, tablets, and other gadgets. Additionally, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft uses its customized versions.

For improved speed and user experience, Microsoft Corporation continuously updates Windows and adds new features.

You can learn all the processes by just reading this article.

How to Link Your Phone with PC-1

Benefits of Linking Your Phone to Windows PC

Never before has connecting your phone to a computer been more essential. By connecting the two devices, users are given access to a tonne of extra features.

Have you ever considered answering directly from your computer to a WhatsApp message or another text message on your phone?

Well, connecting the gadgets enables this.

The finest integration for Android users is provided by the Your Phone app from Windows.

And this is how:

  • The simplest advantage is that consumers may easily move material from their phone to their computer. Don’t email yourself all the critical files; instead, use the quicker and clearer drag-and-drop method.
  • From their PC, users may immediately access installed programmes on their phone. And if you have Wi-Fi, you can use these applications to communicate, play, browse, and do much more using the keyboard and bigger screen of your PC. Multitasking is also effective.
  • Android users may quickly see and react to text messages, WhatsApp messages, and other communications on a PC using notification pop-ups. They may also launch the app, check their messages, and then respond.
  • To copy from one device and paste it on another, use the cross-device copy and paste capability. You can copy anything from your PC and paste it on your Android phone without making two copies of it.
  • On their PC, users may now make and receive phone calls with ease. They may use a microphone and PC speakers to answer calls. As a result, you no longer need your phone to be close by in order to answer calls.
  • Users of Android devices may now immediately view up to 2000 images on their PC from their phone.

For these capabilities to function, your device just has to be configured and its settings changed. Please keep in mind that only owners of Android phones are eligible for these advantages. Due to Apple’s security measures, Microsoft cannot connect to Apple’s iPhones, which makes it almost difficult to provide regular and dependable synchronization.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages, connect your Android phone to your Windows computer. But do you understand how to connect the gadgets?

What are the specifications? Continue to read!

Requirements for Linking the Phone to Windows PC

Here are some necessary conditions to connect a phone to a Windows PC, but the list is short:

You’re Phone Companion – Android device link to Windows software

Don’t worry if you don’t have this app on your Android device; we have a simple workaround. Open your phone’s web browser and go to This will take you to the Google Play Store’s official Your Phone Companion app page.

Your Windows computer’s phone app

Users who updated their Windows 10 operating system on or after October 10, 2018, will already have the Your Phone app installed.

Internet through Wi-Fi

To prevent any difficulty, both devices need to be linked to a reliable and robust internet connection.

How to Connect Windows PC to Phone?

Follow the given instructions to effortlessly connect Windows PC to the phone.

When you first use an Android phone:

  • By going to in a web browser, you may download the Your Phone Companion- Link to Windows app.
  • Use the same Microsoft account you used to log onto your computer to access the app. additionally, confirm that you are signed in using the PC account; otherwise, the operation will not finish.
  • The programme will prompt you to scan a QR code shown on your computer after a successful sign-in.
  • Go to by searching for the QR code in your PC’s browser or by opening it.
  • If Your Phone is already installed, you will be prompted to launch it via the website. When you choose “Open Your Phone,” the app will launch and provide a QR code that you may scan.
  • Through your Android handset, scan this code.
  • Accept the device permissions that will be requested on your smartphone in order to provide the PC access to files on the phone.
  • The two devices will be connected after the procedure is finished, allowing you to take use of all the advantages.

How to Link Your Phone with PC-2

Starting from your computer:

  • Utilize the Microsoft Store to install the Your Phone app on your Windows computer.
  • Search for Your Phone using the taskbar’s search function. From the results, start the application.
  • Select the appropriate phone model (Android).
  • Enter your Microsoft account information now. It should be the same account used to access the phone.
  • On your Android phone, download the Your Phone Companion app. To accomplish this, go to’re on the web browser on your phone. This link will either start the Your Phone Companion app that is already preloaded on your phone or take you to the app’s page in the Google Play Store.
  • Use the same Microsoft account you use on the computer to log in to this companion app. The phone will launch a screen where you may scan a QR code.
  • Return to your computer now, and choose one of the following:
  • You must scan a QR code with your phone after saying, “I have the Your Phone Companion app loaded on my phone.”
  • If you choose to “Pair using QR code” or “Pair manually,” your phone will show a code that must be typed.
  • After the devices are connected, accept the permission requests that appear on your screen. You’ll be able to use all of Your Phone’s functions if you do this.

How to unlink a device in Your Phone app?

Have you switched devices recently? Do you wish to connect the Your Phone app to a different device? Do not be concerned; we have you covered! The steps below make it simple to delink a device:

To thoroughly unlink the device, make sure to do the steps on both your PC and Android phone.

On a Windows computer:

  • Search on your PC’s web browser.
  • Use your Microsoft account to log in now.
  • On your screen, a list of every connected device will appear. Each device’s unlink option should be chosen.
  • To make the adjustments, launch the Your Phone app, shut it, and then reopen it.

On an Android device:

  • On your smartphone, launch the companion app.
  • Open Settings in the top-right corner and choose Accounts.
  • Find the Microsoft account you used to get in to the computer and click the Sign out button next to it.
  • To disconnect the Android phone from the Your Phone app, complete all of the onscreen instructions.

Now you can link other devices through Your Phone app.

About Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows, which was introduced in November 1985, caters to the then-rising need for graphical user interfaces. Since its introduction, Windows has dominated the global market for personal computers.

A collection of several proprietary graphical operating system families make up Microsoft Windows. With Windows shell as its main user interface, Windows caters to the personal computer industry and is accessible in 138 different languages.

Windows 11 is the most recent version of Windows, succeeding Windows 10. It is intended to be a simpler, more approachable operating system.

In July 2021, Microsoft also unveiled the new Windows 365 service. Subscriptions to virtual Windows PCs will be available via Windows 365. It will resemble a web service that is built on top of the Azure Virtual Desktop and provides simple access to Windows 10 and 11.

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Interesting facts about Microsoft Windows

  • Bill Gates, who was a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, intended to use Windows Interface Manager. But “Windows” was thought to be more appropriate since the operating system enabled users to execute many tasks at once.
  • Did you know that the first-ever version of Windows, Windows 1.0, was less than 1 MB in size, compared to the 3–4 GB editions of Windows that are now available?
  • You must be aware of how uncommon it was to operate a computer using a mouse. Bill Gates described Windows as special software created for serious PC users as a result. Windows was heavily reliant on the point-and-click application. Reversi and other games and programmes like Notepad, Write, Paint, and Calculator were included with Windows to get users used to using the mouse’s point-and-click functionality.
  • According to rumours, Windows is available in three unreleased versions: Windows Cairo, Windows Neptune, and Windows Nashville.
  • Microsoft included a Squeegee and a washcloth in press kits that were sent to journalists at the release of Windows 1.0. For a sharper picture of what’s new in microcomputer software, according to the statement on the package.
  • Do you recall the Windows XP default wallpaper, which featured a green countryside with a blue sky? It was, in fact, the Bliss wall covering. According to reports, it has received the most views in human history. People also don’t realize that it isn’t a painting at all, but rather a real Californian snapshot.
  • Windows surpasses Mac as the most popular operating system worldwide. Microsoft finally defeated Apple in terms of consumer satisfaction with the introduction of Windows 7.
  • The most popular product in Microsoft’s history of software creation is by far Windows XP.


Will the Your Phone app be able to sync and operate with my iMessage?

It is now almost hard to achieve constant and dependable synchronization to other devices thanks to Apple.

Are there any issues with the Your Phone app’s privacy?

Although many people may find this worrying, it’s important to remember that the app only uses local connections and never sends or retains any user data on Microsoft’s servers. As a result, rather than maintaining data on the servers, the data shown when the devices are offline will be the local cache.

How can I make calls with the Your Phone app?

Launch the Your Phone app on your PC, choose Calls, and then follow the on-screen directions. Whenever a pop-up request for permission appears on your Android smartphone, accept it. By doing this, you may enable your PC to receive and respond to calls without a phone.

I’m having trouble connecting my Android phone to my Windows computer. What will I do?

If you have the same Microsoft account signed onto both devices, you may try the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Ensure a robust, reliable internet connection is established for the devices.
  2. Verify that the devices’ battery saver is active. If so, switch it off as it can interfere with internet access.
  3. Turn off the devices’ Do Not Disturb settings.
  4. Verify that the Your Phone app can operate in the background on your PC. If there is anything preventing the device from sharing content between devices, go to Settings > System > Shared experiences.


The Your Phone app from makes it simple to connect your Android phone to your Windows PC. All you have to do is strictly adhere to the directions. This is a very simple and practical method of connecting your phone and PC.

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