April 21, 2024
How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-featured

One of the top manufacturers of computer accessories worldwide is Logitech. They provide a number of items that have won awards, including wireless keyboards, mice, and other computer parts.

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is my favourite Logitech product out of all of them.

I’ve used a variety of Logitech Wireless keyboard models, and in today’s article, I’ll provide numerous solutions to the issue of a broken Logitech keyboard.

This guide may be used with any Logitech wireless keyboard, so whether you have a K360, K470, K800, K270, or another model, you can use it to fix your problems.

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There may be a variety of causes for the Logitech keyboard to stop functioning, and I’ll go through each one in this article along with a method you may use to fix the issue.

The Logitech keyboard not functioning issue may manifest itself in a number of ways, such as the keyboard not registering any or many keys, or the connection between the keyboard and the computer regularly dropping.

Read this article in its entirety if you want to learn how to resolve any of these problems.

Which All Logitech Models do these fixes apply to?

All of the most recent wireless keyboards from Logitech have these patches installed. If…, you may try these remedies.

  • Keyboard Logitech K270 not functioning
  • Inoperable Logitech K360 keyboard
  • Inoperable Logtech K470 keyboard

If your Logitech keyboard isn’t functioning but the mouse is, try these remedies as well!

Possible Reason for Logitech Keyboard not working

The issue with the Logitech keyboard not functioning might have a variety of causes. I’ll go through some of the more common ones I’ve encountered in this section.

  • Among them, but not only, are…
  • Software issue with Logitech
  • Driver for Logitech has a problem.
  • HDI Access services are broken.

The wireless keyboard and Logitech receiver were not properly paired.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working – Basic Troubleshooting

Let’s start with some basic troubleshooting to see if we can solve the Logitech keyboard not functioning issue before moving on to the remedies that I’ve outlined in this piece.

One of the greatest manufacturers of wireless keyboards is Logitech, which offers a variety of models to suit varied user preferences. Their technological capabilities, sizes, features, and functions vary.

However, if you’re using a Logitech Wireless Keyboard, they all have one thing in common: they either use Bluetooth or Logitech Unifying Wireless Technology to connect to the computer.

Since you have previously used a Logitech wireless keyboard, it is likely that you have linked it to your computer using either Bluetooth or Unifying wireless technology, or while doing so, you may have noticed the keyboard contains a reset button.

Additionally, the receiver that is linked to the computer in order to pair the keyboard with it contains a reset button that may be utilized for simple troubleshooting.

Reset the keyboard by holding down the reset button for a few seconds and then letting go. Apply the same procedure to the receiver that is connected to the computer’s USB port as well.

Restart the computer after resetting both devices to verify whether the Logitech keyboard issue has been fixed. If not, go to the answers below!

These are the fixes for the malfunctioning Logitech wireless keyboard. The Logitech K270, Logitech mk710, Logitech mk850, Logitech k360, Logitech mk320, Logitech k520, and EVERY OTHER Logitech wireless keyboard are all compatible with this solution.

Do not skip any steps and make sure you have read the solutions thoroughly.

Solution: 1– Check the Keyboard and USB Port

Sometimes we attempt to remedy the issue while ignoring other issues. Ensure you have…

  • Make sure the keyboard’s on/off button is activated!
  • Verify that the battery is functional. There is a good likelihood that the batteries in your Logitech keyboard are completely dead.
  • Add the receiver to a different USB port.

Solution: 2– Removing & Reinstall Logitech Software

The software that comes with the Logitech wireless keyboard makes it easy to map the wireless keyboard and receiver you’ve attached to the computer’s USB connection.

When the Logitech software is not installed properly, the wireless keyboard from Logitech will sometimes not operate. This is because the software actually aids in establishing a connection between the software & the hardware devices.

By uninstalling and reinstalling the Logitech Software, this issue may be fixed. In fact, the installation is completed instantly once you remove it, making the procedure rather straightforward.

These are the procedures!

Step 1:

Pressing Windows in the first step will bring up a command window.

Step 2:

Enter “appwiz.cpl” and click “Ok” to enter the control panel, where you may remove any software.

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-2

Step 3:

Locate the Logitech software and choose “Uninstall” from the context menu.

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-3

Step 4:

Let the uninstallation process finish. After finishing, take the receiver out of the computer.

Step 5:

Start the computer again in step 5.

Step: 6:

After the computer has restarted, insert the receiver into a USB port and follow the instructions to install the driver. Complete the installation procedure by according to the on-screen directions. In the list of installed programmes, you can see whether the programme has been set up.

Verify the solution to the Logitech Wireless Keyboard not functioning issue. If not, try a different approach.

Solution: 3– Uninstall Logitech Wireless Keyboard Driver

This is another another straightforward remedy for the problem of the Logitech wireless keyboard not functioning. Sometimes, this issue might be brought on by a misconfigured default keyboard driver on your computer.

This is pre-installed and utilised with any keyboard connected to your PC, not only the Logitech keyboard!

To check whether the issue has been resolved, we may remove and reinstall the keyboard driver. These are the procedures!

Step 1:

Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and choose “Right Click.”

Step 2:

Choose “Device Manager” in step two.

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-4

Step 3:

The device manager will open, and you’ll be able to view every driver that has been installed on your computer. Select the driver under Keyboards and then click “Uninstall device.”

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-5

Step 4:

After the removal is complete, restart the computer.

Step: 5:

The driver will automatically be recognised by the computer after restarting since it is a necessary driver for the keyboard to function.

Step: 6:

Check the device manager in step 6 to determine whether the driver has been installed. If not, choose “Scan for hardware changes” under “Action” from the menu. If you still can’t see the driver, look again.

If you see a yellow exclamation point, do this action.

  1. Click the yellow exclamation point driver with the right mouse button.
  2. Choose “Update Driver” and “Search for the drivers automatically.” If you don’t have an internet connection, it won’t be able to locate the necessary driver.
  3. Allow it to update the driver when it finds the proper one. After finishing, pick “Action” and “Scan for hardware changes” by clicking.
    Wireless Keyboard Not Working-6
  4. The exclamation mark will disappear and the driver list will be refreshed.

Check to see whether the Logitech wireless keyboard issue has been fixed now. If it isn’t, go on to the next repair.

Solution: 4-Restarting HID Service

Sometimes the Logitech wireless keyboard problem is brought on by issues with the HID services, which may be resolved by restarting the services and switching it to “Automatic.”

HID, which stands for Human Interface Devices, is entirely concerned with the inputs provided by people, as the name would imply.

Since the keyboard serves as an input device, any HID issues might prevent it from operating as intended.

Check to see whether this issue is resolved by restarting HID Services.

Step 1:

Click the Windows icon to see all of the installed apps and applications on your computer.

Step 2:

Scroll down and choose “Windows Administrative Tools”; a list of further apps will appear.

Step 3:

Navigate down and choose “Services”

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-7

Step 4:

Selecting “Services” brings up the Services menu. Find “Human Interface Device Services” as seen in the image below. Click it twice, then choose “Properties.”

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-8

Step: 5:

Click the “General” tab, choose “Automatic” from the “Start type” drop-down menu, and then click “Ok.”

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-9

Step: 6:

Check that the “Service status” is “Running” in step 6. If not, you may start it by pressing the “Start” button.

Step 7:

Restart the computer to test the functionality of the Logitech wireless keyboard.

I wish you success in resolving the Logitech Wireless Keyboard issue. Send your friends this article.

Solution:4– Disable Filter Key

This is another another workable workaround for the issue of a broken wireless Logitech keyboard. However, this method deals with the issue with the filter key, a Windows feature that, when activated, makes typing difficult and leads the user to believe there is a problem with the Logitech wireless keyboard.

In order to determine whether this fixes the issue, we shall deactivate the filter key in this solution. This is the procedure.

Step 1:

Click Windows and I. In Windows Settings, it will appear. Alternately, you may choose “Settings” by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left corner.

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-10

Step 2:

Click “Accessibility” under Settings.

Step 3:

Next, choose “Keyboard”

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-11

Step: 4:

To deactivate the filter key, go to “Filter keys” and turn off this button.

How to Fix Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working-12

Check if the issue is resolved.

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