June 21, 2024
Best AI Tools for Journalists to Help You Write Faster and Better

Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating every aspect of our lives—from marketing tools to self-driving cars to sophisticated picture and artwork creation systems.

The AI sector is growing rapidly. By 2029, it’s expected to grow even more, with a predicted value of around $1400 billion. The capacity of AI to assist people in working more quickly and effectively is one of the main factors contributing to its emergence.

According to a recent Capterra poll, 88% of participants said that using AI or ML software allowed them to save time and money. Moreover, according to 82% of the respondents, content produced by such software is either superior to or on par with content produced by people.

One may see the usage of AI technologies by journalists as an additional form of assistance.  These provide you the ability to swiftly acquire fresh information, automate tedious jobs, identify new patterns, and analyze vast amounts of data, among other things. Learn the tools you may use to write news stories more quickly.

Why Do Newsrooms Use AI Tools?

Reporters, editors, and journalists may work more productively and efficiently with the help of AI tools. These aid in the writing and content production process by utilizing natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to support journalists in their story research and writing. These can also help you locate factual information and trustworthy sources. Furthermore, real-time cooperation is made possible by a few of these solutions, which increases efficiency and productivity. 

You can grow when and how you provide the news since AI tools expedite the research and writing process. It’s important to remember that even while some of these AI technologies may create material automatically, journalists, editors, and publishers still need to review, assess, and validate the content. But there’s no disputing that these AI technologies may help you write and conduct research much more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the previously mentioned considerations, every news organization is unique, thus it’s critical to ascertain whether a certain tool will suffice. The good news is that a fair number of the AI tools accessible to journalists are user-friendly. You will therefore be able to use them even if you are not a developer.

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Best AI Tools for Journalists in 2023

Best AI Tools for Journalists in 2023
Best AI Tools for Journalists in 2023

1. Jasper.ai

The potent and adaptable AI Content Generator Jasper AI (previously Jarvis) can help you optimize your processes. You can create emails, social media posts, ad text, and SEO-optimized articles up to ten times more quickly with Jasper. In addition, it supports up to 25 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and English, for writing and reading material.

There are a ton of features in Jasper that will make writing for journalists easier. Some of the interesting selections are innovative Story, which supports you in crafting innovative stories. Engaging Questions is a feature that allows you to provide thought-provoking questions to your audience in an effort to increase engagement, while material Improver is a tool that improves your material to make it more engaging.

One of the finest characteristics of this AI authoring tool is Pattern Recognition, despite its abundance of features. Jasper analyzes your writing habits to produce articles with a writing style that is akin to yours. It has also been trained on a wide range of data points. It searches the whole internet to make sure that, even while your work follows your style guide, it doesn’t copy anything that is already on the internet.

Jasper has written more than a billion words thus far. It is used by some of the greatest companies in the world, such as IBM, HarperCollins, and Google.

Key Features

  • Long-term editor Recognition of patterns
  • Detector of plagiarism
  • Allows for real-time communication with over 50 use cases having templates
  • Connectivity to Surfer SEO


Annual billing rates for plans are as follows. Keep in mind that prices will change based on how many words you write each month:

  • Beginner: around $40 a month for 35,000 words
  • Boss Mode: around $82 per month for a hundred thousand words
  • Business: Get price information by contacting Jasper reps.

2. Pinpoint

As a component of Google’s Journalist Studio, Pinpoint is one of several tools that help journalists operate more effectively and safely. Other tools in the suite include a data visualizer, fact check explorer, and real-time content analytics.

Pinpoint helps journalists generate and investigate content for breaking news, investigative articles, and more by utilizing the power of AI, machine learning, and Google Search. It allows you to extract important elements from a huge number of documents—up to 200,000 copies of various file kinds and sizes for each collection—by uploading and analyzing them. You may cooperate with other journalists and exchange materials with them as well. Verificado, The Boston Globe, and Hearst Media Group have all utilized pinpoint.

Key features

  • allows users to record and transcribe audio.
  • examines a variety of documents, including ones that are handwritten.
  • top-notch security and privacy
  • allows you to use personalized labels to arrange papers


  • Both read-only and full access are available for free. You may apply for one here to have complete access.

3. QuillBot

With the use of QuillBot, an AI paraphrase tool, journalists may reword any text while maintaining the appropriate terminology, tone, and style for their work. It also features a summarizer, a grammar checker, and a plagiarism detector.

Because of the AI writing tool’s customization features, you may choose how much of your language you wish to alter. An AI-powered thesaurus also provides you with a list of synonyms. QuillBot has seven options for paraphrasing:

  • Standard – maintains the original meaning by striking a balance between the input text and the paraphrased output.
  • Formal – paraphrases text to give it a more polished and intelligent look.
  • Creative – creates more emotive and creative portions from the original text
  • Shorten – can be applied when trying to be clear or succinct.
  • Fluency – helps you get rid of grammatical mistakes and enhance your language
  • Simple – allows you to create concise, understandable paraphrases of text
  • Expand – enhances the created text’s richness and complexity

It works with a lot of the writing programs that authors currently use, such Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Additionally, it may be added as a Chrome browser extension.

Key features

  • Simple to employ
  • Four dialects of English are supported: US, UK, CA, and AU.


  • Free, but only up to 125 words
  • Premium: $19.95 for monthly billing, $13.33 for semi-annual billing, and $8.33 monthly for yearly billing


As the journalism landscape continues to evolve, AI tools have emerged as valuable allies for journalists, offering efficiency, speed, and innovation. The best AI tools for journalists in 2023 provide a glimpse into the future of news creation, where technology complements human expertise. Embrace these tools to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of journalism.


Are these AI tools suitable for all types of news organizations?

Yes, many AI tools are designed to be user-friendly, making them accessible for various news organizations.

Do AI tools completely replace human involvement in news creation?

No, while AI expedites the process, human oversight is crucial to review and validate the generated content.

What makes Jasper.ai stand out among other AI content generators?

Jasper.ai stands out with its pattern recognition, plagiarism detection, and real-time communication features.

Is QuillBot compatible with popular writing programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word?

Yes, QuillBot seamlessly integrates with these programs and can also be added as a Chrome browser extension.

How can journalists benefit from Pinpoint’s personalized labels feature?

Pinpoint’s personalized labels help journalists organize documents efficiently, facilitating easy access and collaboration.

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