March 24, 2023
Buy Bathrobes at Linens

There is no better way to combine luxury and functionality than with a bathrobe. Even though you can dry yourself with a towel and wear pyjamas while drinking coffee in the morning, this wearable textile adds an exciting twist to these monotonous activities.

There is no one-size-fits-all (or rather one-style-fits-all) option when it comes to women’s bathrobes. Find out which materials and sizes work best for women’s robes, as well as tips for choosing the right one.

Best Women Robe Materials

Some of the best robes for women are made out of organic cotton, Turkish cotton, cloud cotton, linen and waffle-weave fabrics. Get details below.

  1. Cotton Terry: Terry cloth is a soft, absorbent fabric that is perfect for bathrobes. It is made from cotton and has loops on both sides of the fabric, which makes it very absorbent. Cotton terry is plush and cozy, making it a great choice for colder months.
  2. Turkish Cotton: Turkish cotton is known for its long fibres, which makes it extra soft and absorbent. It is also durable, which means it can withstand frequent washing and use without losing its softness or quality.
  3. Linen: Linen is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is perfect for warmer months. It is made from flax fibres and has a unique texture that is both smooth and slightly rough. Linens robes are great for those who prefer a more relaxed, effortless look.
  4. Bamboo: Bamboo is a sustainable material that is gaining popularity in the world of bathrobes. It is naturally moisture-wicking and breathable, which makes it perfect for use after a shower or bath. It is also soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.
  5. Waffle-weave: Waffle-weave fabrics are a popular choice for women’s bathrobes because they are lightweight, breathable, and absorbent. Waffle-weave fabrics are made using a unique weaving process that creates a textured, grid-like pattern on the surface of the fabric.

Choosing Bathrobe Sizes for Women

Choosing the right size is crucial, whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else. While robes for women tend to have a relaxed silhouette and adjustable waist ties, they are still very comfortable. You can usually go up or down a size without worrying about fit.

Unisex Sizes Bathrobes – Unisex sizes for women’s bathrobes typically include a range of sizes that can fit both men and women. When choosing a unisex bathrobe, it’s important to consider the sizing chart and measurements provided by the manufacturer.

Women may need to choose a smaller size than they normally wear to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit. Additionally, unisex bathrobes may have a different fit or style than traditional women’s bathrobes, so it’s important to consider these factors before making a purchase.

Think about the length– Bathrobes come in a range of lengths, from knee-length to ankle-length. Consider the length you prefer and how it will fit your height. If you are taller, you may want to choose a longer length to ensure full coverage. If you are shorter, you may want to choose a shorter length to avoid the robe being too long and overwhelming your frame.

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How to Wear a Bathrobe

Wearing a bathrobe is an easy and comfortable process. First, put on your bathrobe over your pyjamas or other clothing, and secure it with a belt or tie.

Adjust the fit to ensure it is comfortable and fits well. If your bathrobe has a hood, pull it up for added warmth and comfort.

Pair your bathrobe with a pair of cozy slippers or socks, and then take some time to relax and enjoy the comfort and warmth it provides. Overall, wearing a bathrobe is a simple way to unwind and feel cozy.

Buy Bathrobes at Linens


When choosing a new bathrobe, there are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to help you find the right one for you. Here are some tips to help guide you:


  1. Consider the material: Choose a bathrobe made from a material that’s comfortable and appropriate for your needs. For example, a plush, thick bathrobe may be great for lounging at home, while a lightweight, absorbent cotton robe may be better for after a shower.
  2. Choose the right size: Make sure to choose a bathrobe that fits well and feels comfortable. Refer to the manufacturer’s size chart and consider any shrinkage that may occur when washing the robe.
  3. Think about the style: Choose a style that suits your needs and preferences, whether it’s a classic kimono-style robe or a cozy hooded robe. Think about the length, too – a shorter robe may be more comfortable for warmer weather, while a longer one may be better for colder months.
  4. Look for extra features: Consider additional features like pockets, belts, hoods, or other features that may add comfort or functionality to your bathrobe.


  1. Don’t forget about the washing instructions: Check the care label and make sure you’re willing to follow the washing instructions to ensure the longevity of your new bathrobe.
  2. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable material: If you don’t like the feel of a certain material, don’t settle for it just because it’s on sale or looks cute. Choose a bathrobe made from a material that you’ll enjoy wearing.
  3. Don’t ignore the size chart: It’s important to choose the right size to ensure a comfortable fit. Don’t ignore the size chart provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Don’t overlook the quality: Choose a bathrobe made from high-quality materials that will last a long time. Avoid cheaper, lower-quality materials that may wear out quickly.

Women’s Bathrobes: Choosing the Right Color

You might have come across several posts that have titles similar when it comes to selecting a colour for a bathrobe for women, there are many options to choose from. Some popular colours include white, ivory, and pastel shades such as pink, lavender, and blue. Brighter colours such as red and green can also be a fun and bold choice.

When choosing a colour for a bathrobe, consider your personal style and preferences. You may also want to consider the season or time of year – for example, lighter colours may be more suitable for spring and summer, while darker colours may be more suitable for fall and winter.

Additionally, consider how the colour will coordinate with your other loungewear or sleepwear. Ultimately, the colour of your bathrobe should make you feel comfortable and confident while lounging at home.

Buy Bathrobes at Linens


Taking care of your new bathrobe is important to ensure it lasts a long time and continues to look and feel great. Here are some tips to help you care for your new bathrobe:

  1. Read the care label: Before washing your new bathrobe, be sure to read the care label for specific instructions on how to wash and care for it. Different materials may require different care, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Wash before wearing: It’s a good idea to wash your new bathrobe before wearing it for the first time to remove any manufacturing residues and ensure it’s clean and fresh.
  3. Wash in cold water: To prevent shrinking or damage to delicate materials, wash your bathrobe in cold water. Hot water can cause some fabrics to shrink or fade over time.
  4. Use a gentle detergent: Use a mild, gentle detergent that’s suitable for the type of fabric your bathrobe is made from. Harsh detergents can damage delicate fabrics and cause them to lose their softness.
  5. Avoid using fabric softeners: Fabric softeners can leave a residue on your bathrobe and reduce its absorbency. Instead, use a vinegar rinse or baking soda in the wash cycle to help soften and freshen your bathrobe.
  6. Hang dry or tumble dry low: Avoid using high heat to dry your bathrobe, as this can damage the fibers and cause shrinkage. Hang your bathrobe to air dry or tumble dry on low heat.
  7. Store properly: To keep your bathrobe in good condition, store it in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging it on a hook for long periods of time, as this can cause the fabric to stretch out of shape.

The Final Words

If you’re interested in buy bathrobes for women made from linen, linens in New Zealand may be a great place to start.

Linens often specialize in high-quality, natural fabrics like linen, and may offer a range of luxury robes and loungewear made from this material.

When shopping for a linen luxury bathrobe for women at linens, look for high-quality linen that is soft, comfortable, and durable.

Consider the style and cut of the robe, as well as any finishing touches or embellishments, to ensure that it meets your preferences and needs. Linens bathrobes come in a range of colours and designs, so be sure to choose one that suits your personal style.

Linens may also offer helpful customer service and guidance when Shop bathrobes, and may be able to provide recommendations on care and maintenance to keep your robe looking its best over time. Additionally, linens may offer a range of other high-quality linens and bedding to complement your luxury robe and create a comfortable, indulgent home environment.

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