April 1, 2023
Social Skills

Social skills also termed interpersonal skills, is the ability to interact with people through communication and listening. It is one of the vital skills that not only kids and children but also youngsters need to develop. Students are future leaders, and they must develop these skills to succeed. The best schools in Kalyani nagar Pune create a positive environment based on strong relationships that provide the bedrock for learning. There are mainly four types of social skills, including survival skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution skills. Some important social skills for students that need to be developed in them at an early age:

  1. Using good manners
  2. Listening to others
  • Making eye to eye contact while talking
  1. Sharing things
  2. Managing time
  3. Follow other’s directions
  • Cooperating and helping others
  • Respect privacy


Importance of social skills in student’s life

Social skills matter a lot in a student’s life; whether it is a simple hello or a long-term relationship, it affects daily life. Best schools in Kalyani Nagar Pune believe that students with better social skills have a successful career ahead, which is why they not only help students succeed academically but also help them to develop great intrapersonal skills. Excellent social skills ensure better relationships among children when they grow older; hence, it becomes a part of their behaviour that help the two interact with diverse sectors. Some advantages of social skills if developed at an early age are:

  1. More and better relationships

Social skills help students identify well with individuals, leading to the best relationships and friendships. CBSE school in Kalyani Nagar, like Lexicon Kids, helps develop these skills so that students can become more charismatic and desirable. People are more interested in these types of personalities nowadays. Without strong interpersonal skills, people cannot advance their life.

  1. Better communications

Social skills development at an early age helps children to have better communication. They do not find difficulty relating with people at any stage, like working in large groups, etc. without good communication, you cannot have great social skills, and conveying your thoughts and ideas is an excellent social skill that you must develop in life. The best CBSE schools in Kalyani Nagar help their students to develop these vital skills in the best ways.

  1. Greater efficiency

Some people ignore social interactions because they are uncomfortable spending time with people with different interests and viewpoints. Having outstanding social skills will allow you to interact with everyone and politely convey your ideas more efficiently and you don’t have to ignore the crowd.

How parents can also help to develop social skills in their children

Parents can also help their children develop essential social and emotional skills by playing with them. Children learn by observing others, listening to them, and exploring by asking questions. However, the best CBSE schools in Kalyani Nagar help develop valuable social skills through spontaneous experiences and structured learning. Parents can also help their children by involving in playing together. You must give time to your small kids, interact with them, and discuss their full-day school routine so that they learn to share their things. This will help them to build confidence, learn empathy and also help them to develop many other vital skills.


Having excellent social skills offer benefits not only to students but also to society. When students succeed in the best CBSE school in Kalyani Nagar, they become productive adults, which ultimately support the overall well-being of communities. Lexicon School, one the topmost schools in Pune, put social-emotional principles and programs into practice with a focus on building academic and social skills. The school understands that social skills help students to set goals for themselves in the future and build positive relationships with peers.

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