March 25, 2023

It’s not always easy to know what to do with junk cars, but thankfully, many of their components are recyclable. Of course, scrap metal can be sold for a profit, but plenty of other things can be recycled. To reduce the negative environmental effects caused by car disposal, we offer a comprehensive recycling service in addition to our scrap metal collecting service in Nottinghamshire. 

There are several examples of recycled auto parts that can be found in the following list:

Motor oil is the most easily resalable component of your car. After three months, most conventional motor oils still perform reliably. Synthetic oils have a somewhat longer lifespan but are also more expensive. There is no avoiding the fact that, over a year, you will need a substantial amount of oil to keep your car running. If you take your vehicle to a service station for an oil change, the old oil will likely be recycled there, but if you do it yourself, you need to take it to a recycling facility.

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Filters for Oil

The filter can also be recycled when the oil has been entirely emptied from the reservoir. Find a local filter recycling site and learn more about how you can help the environment.

Reusing or recycling your batteries is a good idea for several reasons.


The battery’s lead content is highly poisonous and far too simple to dispose of old batteries correctly. In Australia, most jurisdictions have enacted “take back” laws that provide financial incentives for recycling old batteries in return for brand-new ones.

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Tires are the next most recyclable component of a vehicle. Tires are not biodegradable and take up a lot of space in dumps. They should be taken to the nearest recycling center once they have served their purpose. From here, they’ll be processed into everything from fuel to synthetic turf for playgrounds.

Recycled Metals

All of your car’s metal components can be recycled. Some parts may even be acceptable for recycling at the curb, depending on the specifics of your local program. Some state regulations specify that the item must be no more than 336 pounds, fit inside the bin with the lid closed, and not contain any liquids (oil, antifreeze, etc.). 


As unfortunate as it may seem, most cracked windscreens are discarded in landfills. It’s important to note that auto safety glass cannot be recycled at any old place, as it is different from regular glass. While some groups have worked to establish systems for recycling vehicle glass, this practice has yet to gain widespread acceptance. 


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