March 22, 2023

Smartphone user base is expected to reach over 6 billion by 2026. Mobile phones are no longer used for texting or calling. Smartphones are being used by people to do a wide range of tasks, including reading, shopping online, looking for jobs, and finding a date.

Many people rely on their smartphones to access the internet. Doctors, who are increasingly dependent on smartphones for internet access, love mobile apps to add a little perfection to their patient care services.

Because of the increasing dependence on smartphones apps, there are over 2 million apps available in the Apple Store, and more than 3.8 million in Google Play Store. How can doctors ensure they are downloading the correct medical app? We share the top medical apps for doctors today.

To help doctors provide the best possible care to patients, we have created a list of the top medical apps. Some of the apps are offered by ehr companies. Many of these apps can be downloaded for free, or you can choose to pay a monthly or annual fee.


This medical app is unique because it offers doctors the opportunity to learn hundreds of new ways of staying healthy and preventing diseases.

Practo has become increasingly popular with smartphone users, both patients and doctors. Register on this app for Doctors and Physicians to manage your profile, schedule and receive feedback from patients. Doctors can also view the number of times their profile has been viewed and communicate with patients online in order to provide quick consultation.

This app is becoming increasingly popular and allows users to manage their health as well as their loved ones. You can instantly find the best doctors near you and book tests or appointments. Online chat is also available for patients to communicate with their doctors and receive complete medical care in an emergency.


The most important function of Medscape’s Drug Interaction Checker is the ability to input up to 30 inputs, and help in checking their interactions.

Medscape is an online news website that focuses primarily on medical information. However, they recently launched a unique app for medical reference. This app is available on both iOS and Android and allows doctors to access the extensive archive of drug information as well as the most recent medical news. To ensure accurate and quick treatment, doctors can check the online medical consultation app for disease reference tools.

This medical reference app is popular with both students and nurses. You can quickly access information on different diseases and get access to calculators. This app’s best feature is its ability to be accessed even offline.

Curofy best medicine is used by over 3 lakh doctors to connect with one another. They can share and review complicated cases, and receive expert advice for accurate diagnosis. This app also allows them to read medical news, journals, and the most recent medical guidelines. Doctors can talk to real patients in over 1000 specialties and subspecialties.

This is one of the most popular medical apps for doctors. Medical professionals can also create their own profiles to make it easier for patients to find them. This allows them to receive recommendations from other doctors regarding specific cases. Did you also know that Curofy is now part of Round Glass cross Grow?


– It makes scheduling fun using colorful templates and patterns.

The Amion app is used by doctors to keep track of their daily and on-call schedules. The app allows them to organize their shifts in a calendar format and helps their colleagues plan their shifts. It has many useful features that allow you to create templates, patterns, and set staffing rules. The app also includes an auto-scheduler that makes it easier to create and adjust schedules.

The medical app for doctors can also be used by staff at hospitals and clinics to view and send messages, schedule work, and make special requests. This app is a great tool for doctors and staff as it allows them to manage online requests, switch shifts online, and access duty-hour reports.


This medical reference app allows medical professionals to view concise monographs of popular herbals and other supplements that are kept at a central location.

Epocrates App provides doctors with the most up-to-date safety, diagnostic and treatment information. This app is used by doctors to provide clinical practice guidelines, detailed disease content and alternative medicine information. To ensure patient care, the app provides a condensed version of different evidence-based and patient-specific guidelines. Doctors can also check for potential interactions between drugs. To check for possible interactions, doctors can accept up to 30 drugs at once.

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Upgrade to UpToDate Advanced for exclusive access to UpToDate Pathways & Lab Interpretation. This will ensure that you receive the best diagnostic testing and treatment.

Doctors and Physicians love the UpToDate app. It allows them to quickly access medical knowledge stored at one central location. Doctors can access this app to find the answers to complicated clinical questions in real time. You will receive regular updates via ‘What’s New” notifications whenever new information is added.

It also comes with medical calculators that will help you quickly and accurately determine the readings for various medical measurements. The drug interaction program allows clinicians to quickly and efficiently check for drug-to drug and drug-to herb interactions. The app is a partnership with Lexicomp and offers a highly efficient drug interaction program.


– Stay current on the latest research and drug approvals using this popular medical reference app.

PEPID, a clinical support application widely used by emergency department Physicians, is widely used. Physicians can diagnose patients faster with this medical reference app. Based on lab results and findings from a physical exam, the solution will suggest possible conditions based on the patient’s symptoms. It alerts you to any possible interactions between multi-drug drugs and recommends the appropriate dosage.

This app provides a comprehensive list of medical conditions and disease profiles as well as treatment options. This app also contains hundreds of reference videos that can be used to aid doctors in their clinical procedures and physical exams.


All information is offline, so it’s possible to use it even if you don’t have internet access.

Lexicomp is a comprehensive clinical reference app for doctors. It has over 20 databases, which include information on IV compatibility and oral diseases. Doctors also have access to a large medical library, which includes information about drug interactions and calculators.

Lexicomp is India’s most loved subscription-based smartphone app. Doctors can choose from a variety of subscription plans to suit their specific needs.


This app is free for iOS and Android users.

MDCalc is a free medical app that doctors can use to save time and focus on patient care. You will be able to make better decisions regarding your patient’s ongoing health with over 350 tools.

This app has over a million users worldwide, including 65 % of US doctors.


It is easy to navigate the app and find relevant information about drugs.

DynaMed is a medical app that doctors and patients love. It provides the most up-to-date information to healthcare professionals. It is easy to read and concise, allowing you to quickly make the right decisions. You can also save your favourite articles, take notes, send emails, and access information even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Wrapping up

For a long time, medicine has been practiced in isolation. Doctors need to come together and collaborate for better patient care. These apps are the best for doctors. They will be able to get the right consultation immediately, which will ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. We would love to hear about your experiences using other medical apps that are not listed in this list.

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