March 24, 2023

The fast-paced lifestyle in modern times is the key to many diseases and disorders in humans. With an untimely approach to daily meals and sleep, most people develop lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, obesity, hormonal disbalance, etc at a very early age.

While our primary goal should be to lead a healthy life, most of us fail to achieve that in our rush to excel in the other things in life. And in this rat race what remains the most ignored is our health. And by the time we realise its importance it is too late to revert back.

However, adopting some significant changes in lifestyle and engaging in a natural way of healing can bring relief and help in curing these severe health issues. If you are wondering what can be the most natural way for treating and curing these lifestyle disorders, then you must know Ayurveda is the key.

Ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure has seen mass acceptance and positive results across the globe and so is one of the most preferred treatments in recent times. Ayurveda preaches the need for holistic development and thus is centred towards the overall healing process. With designated lifestyle practices and proper healing procedures, Ayurveda has shown remarkable results in treating lifestyle disorders.


Ayurveda’s Way of Preventing and Managing Lifestyle Disorder:

According to Ayurveda, the key to a disease-free and healthy lifestyle is making good food choices, engaging in regular physical exercises, and availing of Ayurveda Detox services. Whether you are looking for Ayurvedic Treatment for insomnia or something else, your therapist will recommend you a diet, medicines, and some therapies that could be of great help.

Ayurveda provides various procedures that will help in managing lifestyle disorders, such as Dincharya(daily routine), Ritucharya (seasonal routine), therapies, and other important values that are key to a healthy lifestyle. The therapies of Ayurveda have the rejuvenating power that helps in healing and offering the best cures for lifestyle diseases.

Ayurveda recommends six important values, the practices of which are key to a healthy body and mind. These values are: Dincharya and Ritucharya,  Ahara or diet, controlling desires, Nidra or sleep, Vyayama, and vihara.

Let’s know understand what each of these values has for a healthy lifestyle.



Ayurveda believes that man should follow a routine lifestyle for a healthy body and mind. And so it strongly recommends a daily or seasonal regime to maintain good health. Just as Dincharya is all about having a daily routine, similarly ritucharya advocates having a seasonal regime based on the various seasons to overcome stress and eliminate the chances of seasonal diseases.


Ahara or Diet:

Ayurveda has always defended the necessity of a proper diet for a healthy body and mind and is very strict about the dietary requirements of individuals. The proper growth and maintenance of a body depend upon a balanced and optimum diet and Ayurveda illustrates many food products as part of a perfect diet.

Since all ayurvedic therapies more or less target the digestive system and work toward enhancing the digestive fire and eliminating the Ama or the toxins of the body, diet no doubt is an important element in ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda suggests that an individual should consume according to their bodily constitution or doshas. And so describes the preparation, method and code of diets for individuals governed by each dosha. Ayurveda always promotes eating a simple, easily digestible, and proper quantity of diet and strictly recommends avoiding overeating and unbalanced diets.


Nidra or rest:

In addition to proper diet and routine, Ayurveda also stresses on proper rest for a healthy body and mind. Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of life, a good night’s sleep ensures that your body and mind are rested and heals the day’s stress and tension.

Quality sleep and proper rest can be one of the most important therapies in the  Ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure. One of the major reasons for lifestyle disorders is compromised sleep and when you work on that you are putting your body in the natural healing process. So, an adequate amount of sleep can be a boon to any diseased body suffering from lifestyle ailments.


Curbing or Controlling the Desires:

Ayurveda advocates suppressing or controlling the desires such as physical desires, the desire to eat unhealthy or fatty foods, and taking alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. In addition to these,  controlling the urge of grief, shamelessness, passion, envy, pride, etc can help in maintaining a healthy body. Ayurveda recommends that one should ace the art of self-control to avoid these negative desires and opt for a healthy livelihood.



Vihara is all about the dos and don’ts in our lifestyle, such as keeping away from the sources of agony and being conscious of our thoughts. Ayurveda has always prioritised mental health and so meditation is one of the most recommended therapies to bring mental peace.



Vyayama or exercise helps in keeping the body healthy and promotes physical and biological health. The Ayurvedic Treatment for insomnia recommends that an individual should indulge in moderate exercise daily that will help in relieving stress and anxiety to get quality sleep.


Final Words:

Ayurveda has decades of experience and is time-tested for offering the most effective results. You can definitely adopt the Ayurvedic way of life for the best results and to prevent or cure common lifestyle disorders and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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