March 22, 2023
Simple Sonic Drawing For Kids Easy

Drawing For Kids Easy is the fastest and one of the most well-known video game characters ever, with his spiked red and white sneakers, blue hedgehog fur that moves at a breakneck speed, and an attitude to match.

Drawing For Kids Easy brisk blue hedgehog appeared in 1991’s Sega video game “Sonic the Hedgehog” as a supporting character. Since then, he has appeared as a celebrity in more than 20 video games, television cartoons, and even motion pictures.

Sonic Drawings For Kids Easy

You’ve come to the correct place if, like us, you want to draw this adorable little man! You may easily and quickly learn how to sketch a vintage Sonic in this step-by-step guide. Drawing is made simple and ideal for beginners and children by following straightforward procedures.

You won’t need any specialized equipment or knowledge; all you’ll need to color the finished illustration of Sonic is a pencil, paper, and possibly some crayons or markers.

Step By Step Drawing


  • Drawing a circle marks the beginning of this simple instruction on how to draw Sonic.
  • Draw the spikes on Sonic’s head’s rear. To accomplish this, draw six curved lines, one long and one short. Permit the lines to come together at precise points.


  • Overlap a smaller oval with the base of the head.
  • Remove the oval’s guidance lines.
  • Sketch Sonic’s ears, giving them each two curved lines. Let the lines come together in three sharp points to form a triangle.
  • Inside the near ear, make a tiny triangle. Now that Sonic’s head outline is complete.


  • Draw two curved, parallel lines that leave the body and go outward. Draw a second curving line that overlaps the body and doubles back on itself.
  • Remove the head and arm guidelines.
  • Remove the instructions from the body.
    Just past the end of each arm, draw an oval. Behind Sonic, add two additional spikes.


  • Between each oval and the arm, draw the rest of the hand. Two curving lines forming enclosed shapes make up the left hand. The left hand is giving the thumbs up.
  • A little oval that overlaps the larger oval makes up the right hand, and a curved line encloses an oval-shaped portion.
  • Remove the hand’s guiding lines.
  • Within the big ovals of the hands, trace the fingers using a series of interconnected, curving lines.
  • Remove the guidance lines from the fingers’ borders.
  • Draw socks are worn at the legs’ bottoms. Start by using a curved line to join the leg lines. Next, encircle the shape of the socks using a sequence of three curved lines of varied widths.


  • From the sock, extend a short, curving line downward. Then, from the opposite side of the sock to the short line, draw a long, curved line. Over the shoe, add two more curved lines.
  • Create the left shoe by drawing two curved lines converging at a point. Over the shoe, add two more curved lines.
  • Enclose an oval form across the body using a curving line. Draw an arc that curves from the side of the face to the shoulder. Draw two half ovals with curved lines above the first one. A curved line is used to join the half-ovals together.


  • We’ll proceed by finishing Sonic’s head and facial features next.
  • Each half ovals should have a small, shaded oval inside of it. For the eyebrows, draw a curved line above each eye. To make the nose, draw and shade another oval. Form the mouth by drawing a curved line with a smaller curved line at its top end.
  • To create the tail, draw two short, curving lines that converge at a point.


  • Erase the small oval-shaped area inside each eye and nose to finish sketching Sonic.
  • Your Sonic the Hedgehog coloring page. He is typically a dark blue with a tan face, stomach, arms, and inner ear. His shoes are red, and his eyes, gloves, and socks are white.

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