March 24, 2023

Learn About The Different Gear Bags Here!

We carry the most popular brands of paintball gear bags and rolling bags. Before you make your purchase, feel free to stop by or give us a call so we can assist you in finding the best paintball bag for your style and needs. Each companies line of paintball gear bags offer different features that may or may not be what you’re looking for.

Do you want rolling wheels vs back pack straps or do you want a ton of small pockets to stay organized vs one or two large compartments you just through all of your gear into at the end of the day? No matter what your needs are, we are here to help you make the best decision however we can. Some of the top brands to consider for gear bags include Planet Eclipse, Virtue, Push and. If you don’t want a large Paintball Gear Bag, consider a paintball backpack or duffle bag as a less expensive smaller option.

Large Paintball Gear Bags

Playing paintball for any length of time you will quickly find out that you will accumulate quite a large amount of gear and you will need to carry that gear from home to the field somehow. That is where gear bags come in, coming in a wide array of styles and sizes you can be sure you will find one that will work for you and your gear. Backpacks are made by companies like Planet Eclipse, HK Army, Virtue, Push, and Dye. Duffel bags are available as well and work well carrying a significant amount of gear. Lastly we have Roller Bags, these are the big bags of paintball capable of carrying a serious amount of gear, these are the biggest bags in paintball.

Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags look like your traditional duffel or gym bag. These bags can carry a full set up of equipment or all of your soft goods no problem. Planet Eclipse’s Holdall Bag is a great choice in this category. Coming with easy carrying handle that Velcro together to make sure you got both sides of the bag securely it is a cinch to carry but it also comes with a convenient shoulder strap that buckles on and off in a second to help you get it around but keep your hands free for coffee or sports drink. looking to stay small then you could also consider a hard paintball case.

 Paintball Backpacks

Back Backpacks in paintball come in a multitude of sides from the regular school bag size like the Dye Fuser .25T back pack to humungous like the Virtue Gambler bag. The back packs are easily carried and comfortable capable of holding quite a wide selection of gear to make your trip from your car to the staging area at your local field an easy trek. Featuring two shoulder straps for ease of carrying these bags can handle some weight and you can handle that weight when it is distributed evenly by the two shoulder straps.

Virtue makes a great bag called the Gambler bag capable of holding all your soft goods, tools, and holding your full marker set up on the outside securely with their special flap. Expand Backpack is great because the bag is small and sturdy, fitting comfortably on your back but expands to hold even more gear. Able to hold everything one player would need at the field the Expand Backpack from is for sure one to check out.

 Luggage Paintball Roller Bags

Roller Bags are the biggest bags in the paintball world capable of carrying extreme amounts of gear. The wheels on these bags make them incredibly easy to carry around, they just roll right behind you with next to no effort on your part even loaded down to the brim with gear. The Pro Edge Paintball Rolling Gear is an example of this being able to squeeze up to three sets of gear into it can haul a ton of gear. The Discovery 1.5T is Dye’s large gear bag with wheels and can hold quite a large amount of gear, the inside is spacious.

The GX2 Roller Bag from Planet Eclipse is another giant gear bag that is spacious on the inside but has dividers to separate out your gear or if you put fully built guns inside it keeps them from banging into each other during transport. HK Army is even in this category with their Expand Rolling Gear Bag, this is a scaled up version of the backpack with wheels. One big difference for the HK Army Expand Rolling Bag is that it comes equipped with Paintball Backpack straps for times when rolling your bag is not feasible.

Depending on the amount of gear you want to carry or how organized you want to be there is a gear bag for you. Find the gear bag that works best for you and pack it full with all your gear!

Knowing which way to tote your paintball gear can be tough. There’s a lot of options to choose from, and at a glance the only distinguishing characteristics seem to be price and color. There are three basic varieties of paintball gear bags you can see here, from gun bags, to backpacks, to larger gear bags. Below, we’ll discuss some of the common features, or reasons people choose one kind of gear bag over another.

Varieties of Paintball Bags

Paintball Gun Bags tend to be the smallest, and the cheapest solution. They are primarily designed to store your paintball gun. Some may have additional compartments, but if you’re only interested in a specialty case for your marker, this might be the solution for you.

Paintball gear bags come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but most are designed to be far more full-featured, and come with room for guns, tanks, pods, maintenance and repair items, squeeguees, everything but the kitchen sink (and a couple of the larger ones might have enough room for one of those, too). Many gear bags, because of the size and weight of them, come with wheels, and if you’re looking at a gear bag you might want to consider whether or not you want to physically haul all of your equipment before the game even starts, or whether you’d rather be able to wheel it around.

Paintball backpacks tend to be a median solution, essentially a stripped down version of a gear bag that’s designed to go on your back, while still giving you more hauling capacity than a gun bag alone. Most of paintball backpacks will have room for a gun, maybe a tank or some pods, but depending on your loadout may not be able to store everything. If you’re planning on wearing your harness anyway, or don’t feel like you’re going to carry around so much gear you need one of the bigger bags, backpacks offer a decent amount of storage without all the added weight, and greater mobility to boot.

Choosing Your Paintball Bag

The tote that’s right for you is the one that’s going to fit what you’re doing with it. If you’re just looking for a way to keep your o-rings, oils and allen wrenches handy at the field, a backpack keeps that all compact. If you just want to make sure your gun doesn’t get scratched up, a gun bag will do that. If you’re the kind of player who wants to bring two big jugs of water, an extra tank, maybe even a whole second load-out for a friend, then a gear bag is an absolute must. As always with paintball gear, you should figure out what you need, first, then use that to narrow down which bag you might want.  Click Here

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