March 26, 2023
Powerful Er YAG Laser

Er YAG laser

Er YAG laser is a new sort of laser in the 1980s. When the doping focus is high, the laser can acquire a result of 2.94 μm. Due to the fact that the laser has a wavelength of 2.94 um, right at the absorption peak of water, it can be highly soaked up by water molecules. The mass fraction of water in organic cells as well as tissues is normally greater than 70 percent. Consequently, a 2.94 μm laser is an excellent option for laser biology applications.

Utilizing this band of laser can likewise stay clear of the damage of various other molecular bonds in the cell and does not have huge thermal damage like CO2 laser; In addition, the passing through depth of erbium laser in organic tissue is really shallow, as well as its mechanical and also thermal damage to the body is very tiny. Consequently, the application and also advancement of Er: YAG laser have actually been paid much attention in medical circles at home and abroad recently.

Er YAG crystal

The laser system of Er: YAG is relatively complex yet can understand under certain conditions as a result of different energy transfers 2.94 μm laser outcome. Its macro qualities are little one-way gain, high threshold, and also challenging to achieve constant result; Nonetheless, due to the high doping concentration, it is difficult to create saturation so that it can get the laser pulse with large power.

Er: YAG crystal belongs to the cubic crystal system, an appealing solid laser material in the mid-infrared band, which can output laser of 3 wavelengths at area temperature: 1.64 μm, 1.78 μm and 2.94 μm, amongst which 1.64 μm and also 1.78 μm are in the safe band of human eyes, 2.94 μm remains in the hydroxyl absorption height and also can be strongly soaked up by biological cells, so it has a great application possibility in laser medicine, laser communication, laser range dimension, and so on application

Applications of Er YAG laser


The result wavelength of Er YAG laser is 2.94 μm, which is precisely constant with the peak of the water absorption spectrum, and the absorption coefficient is 13000cm-1, which is the greatest amongst existing medical lasers. It is a sort of laser conveniently absorbed by water molecules and also can achieve a wonderful result with tiny power. The optical infiltration deepness representing the absorption coefficient is 1μm; compared with various other clinical lasers, the infiltration deepness is extremely superficial. This advantage is unparalleled to other wavelengths as well as can be utilized to perform specific cutting and also soft tissue excision surgical treatment. For that reason, it is suitable for accuracy medical areas such as ophthalmology and blood vessel.


Er YAG laser in cosmetic surgery, bone as well as tooth cutting and various other applications have actually drawn in much interest.

Furthermore, Er YAG laser is an extremely safe and useful laser source for medical use since the damage to water-bearing cells is mechanical damages triggered by water evaporation, which does not leave burn scars, nor does it have the possible danger of gene anomaly triggered by damages to cell DNA comparable to the excimer laser.

In the last few years, the application of erbium-doped YAG laser in the medical field has actually been paid more and more attention. With the maturation of Q-switching technology, the problem of Q-switching of Er: YAG laser has been overcome, and the regulated 2.94 μm Er: YAG laser, the pulse size is greatly shortened, the peak power is additionally boosted, which further decreases the mechanical damages to the irradiated things surface area, and also the thermal damages is almost no. The edge of the pulse trauma point is smooth, which is extremely ideal for various accuracy medical areas.


Among all sort of wavelength lasers, Er: YAG laser in the mid-infrared band has a wavelength of 2940nm, which takes place to be near the peak of the water absorption curve as well as the second height of the hydroxyapatite absorption contour. It is very easy to be taken in by water and also hydroxyapatite, and particularly simple to be taken in by water to generate high power.

Consequently, it can act on soft and also hard cells with various water contents to create cutting, ablating and grinding effects and also kill all sort of bacteria in the tissues at the same time. As a result, it is a multi-functional laser extensively used in various scientific subspecialties of the oral cavity.

Additionally, Er: YAG laser has the shallowest cells penetration deepness, only 2μm in soft tissue, 5μm in enamel and 7μm in dentin, which has the advantages of specific therapy and very little cells damages in medical application. At the same time, the water cooling style makes the temperature level surge triggered by Er: YAG laser irradiation of soft and also tough cells surface area no more than 5 ℃, nearly no thermal damage, so the tissue reaction after treatment is small, rapid healing, very ideal for dental minimally intrusive therapy.


The 2.94 μm laser emphasis connects with water-saturated biological tissue. It is equivalent to immediate heating of a finite volume in which the pressure increases as well as product (such as blood) flows out of the cut without thickening, a fancy some procedures. Yet it was this characteristic that brought about the advancement of the laser blood sampler. The impact is good. The pain is smaller than in acupuncture blood collection. The injury location is smaller, the healing is quick, no infection.

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