March 24, 2023
Online Paintball Pod Harness | Multi Brands | All Sizes

You are going to need to haul extra paintballs with you.

Choosing the right paintball pack, paintball vest, and paintball pods can make carrying and reloading paintballs quick and comfortable.

We stock a huge selection of all models of pod packs, harnesses, tactical vests, and pods to suit every player. Let’s look at a few of the options.

Pod belt pouch – these are simple paintball belt pouches that slip onto your belt or come with a supplied belt. They typically carry one to three pods. If you don’t need to carry very much ammo to reload then a pod belt pouch is a cheap and effective solution.

HK Army paintball pod holders and Harnesses HK Army’s Pod Packs come in a variety of pack styles and there is sure to be one that you like. Their pod pack lines include the HSTL, Eject, MagTek, and Zero G 2.0. The HSTL packs come in 4+3 or 3+2 styles and are only the bare necessities for when it comes to pack, if you want something simple that just works the HSTL pack is for you.

Horizontal pod pack – these harnesses fasten around.

Your waist by a strap with clip or an elastic waist belt. They carry your pods in a horizontal position on your back. There are pros and cons to this kind of pack.

Pods are not only easy to reach but they are also easy to put back into place and secure the strap while playing. This makes horizontal packs popular for woodsball since you can’t simply drop a pod to be picked up later in the forest. The downside to a horizontal pod pack is that they stick out from the side, making you a bigger target as well as hard to lay on your side or roll out of the way when prone.

While there are a few vertical pod packs that are +1s, the majority of them are horizontals.

Vertical pod pack – these harnesses are worn around the waist by a strap with clip or, more commonly, an elastic waist belt.

They hold your pods vertically, usually in individual slots with a steach,to keep them secure.

They are typically designit, to hpick itpods with the lids downward, so you reach back-and pull from the bottom. Many models have elastic straps on top to hold the pod under tension, working as an ejector for faster reloading time.

Vertical packs keep your pod. Lose to your body, making them easier to move i, be a smaldescribedt to get hit. The “+2,nide is that pods can be a bit harder to put “4+3+2” harness the slots quickly during a woods game without practice.

When you see a number with a vertical pod pack, that is referring to elastic pod loops. These are stretchy additional loops sewn in between the pod slots.

There are two kinds of paintball vests:

A sewn (or static) vest and a molle vest. A sewn paintball vest has all the pockets, pod slots, tank pouch, and other features permanently sewn into the vest. Sewn vests are typically less expensive and more durable. The disadvantage is that you cannot relocate pouches and such. more info..

This is where molle vests come in.

Molle stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment and is a design taken directly from police and military use.

Paintball Gun Package Kit – Here you’ll find our huge selection of Paintball Marker Package Kits. We have specially selected all the hottest paintball guns and bundled them with the marker accessories you need to get out on the field today. Choose from complete shop paintball marker/ hopper/ air tank/ Paintball pod packages and more.

The molle system uses a series of loops sewn onto a vest or other item. Pouches and accessories have straps with snaps and velcro on the back. These straps are threaded through the webbing loops to secure them to the vest. Molle paintball vests can cost more to build but have the advantage of being completely customizable. You can add, remove, or relocate pouches and accessories to suit your needs and fit.

Paintball pods:

Please browse our great range of paintball harnesses and pods. If you need any assistance, please get in touch, and a member of our expert team will help you with any query you have.

Paintball pod packs are another essential part of paintball gear that almost every paintball player has in their collection. Paintball games often require players to shoot more than one loader full of paintballs, which leaves players needing a way to reload.

Paintballs can be loaded into paintball pod pack, which hold anywhere from 100 to 150 extra paintballs to be loaded after your paintball loader runs out during the middle of a game. Depending on the type of paintball player that you are, you may require only a few paintball pods or many paintball pods.

We feature strapped as well as strapless pod packs for the serious paintball player that may want to have the extra edge on getting paintballs into their loader a fraction of a second quicker than someone who has a strapped pod pack.

The smpl pod pack paintball harness is all about simplicity and performance at an affordable entry-level price point Mechanical paintball gun.

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