March 22, 2023
Lifeguard certification

A lifeguard certification is a job that protects the safety and security of the sea and pools. You also need to know first aid and medical knowledge, as you will sometimes be involved in saving lives.

Also, it is an important point of this job that activities to prevent accidents are more important than responding to accidents if they occur.

Lifeguard jobs are often recruited for short-term summer jobs, so if you can acquire knowledge and skills, you are more likely to work as a lifeguard certification.

This time, I will explain the income, career plan, and how to become a lifeguard. Be sure to check out the references listed at the end of the article.

What is a lifeguard certification?

Lifeguard are mainly in places such as pools, seas, rivers, and lakes, and their job is to monitor and guide people so that they can enjoy swimming safely.

Rescuing a drowning person or dealing with an accident in the water is not the only important part of this job. Ultimately, the most important task is to prevent such accidents in advance.

Lifeguard activities are roughly divided into two patterns
There are two ways to earn income as a lifeguard:

Strive to prevent drowning accidents at pools and beaches lifeguard as a sport
Sports here are also called “life saving sports” and are divided into pool competitions and ocean competitions. These competitions sublimate lifeguard certification and techniques into sports.

Pool competition

The competition will be held in the pool. There is also a four-person team competition in which the judges score the accuracy and speed of rescue and first aid treatment for drowning and patients in the pool within 1 minute and 30 seconds. During the competition, the mannequins are mainly used as rescuers.

Ocean competition

As the name suggests, ocean competitions are held on the sea (beach). For example, “Beach Flags” is a typical example. It’s a competition that you often see on TV, where everyone starts lying face down in a line and runs at full speed toward the flag placed 20 meters away, and the first to capture the flag wins.

In addition, a competition called “BLS Assessment” will be held to compete for the accuracy of artificial respiration, heart massage and AED. There is also a competition called “Run Swim Run”, which runs 120 meters on the beach, swims around nine buoys 120 meters offshore, and runs 120 meters on the beach.

There are also several other sports that are recognized by the World Federation.

Lifeguard job description

We will introduce the work that lifeguard do on a daily basis.

waterside patrol
Safety instruction for children
physical fitness
Enlightenment activities for accident prevention
We protect people’s safety so that accidents do not occur. In addition, it is necessary to develop the physical strength necessary for that, knowledge of water accidents, and know-how of first aid.

To be a lifeguard

A lifeguard job is not limited to accidents that occur in the water.

Therefore, not only rescue knowledge but also information on sea creatures (such as jellyfish) and first aid knowledge and skills are required. There are also people based overseas who are lifeguard. In that case, you will also need to study the language of the country you want to work in.

What are the qualifications required to work?

There are no qualifications that must be possessed, and anyone can become a lifeguard if they just give their name. However, in order to earn trust and income properly, it would be better to have the following qualifications.

Lifeguard certification income

The average annual income of lifeguard is about 2 million to 2.6 million yen. As you can see from this figure, unfortunately, it is currently difficult to aim for a high income only by working as a lifeguard certification.

It’s a different story if you become an excellent athlete in a lifesaving competition, but life becomes difficult unless you get a sponsor or become a famous athlete enough to give a lecture.

There are many job openings for part-time jobs

Did you know that there are quite a few university students who work part-time as lifeguards? It is a popular part-time job, especially for students attending sports colleges.

Of course, there are already job openings that even working adults can apply for, so if you want to experience it once, it would be good to get a feel for the atmosphere of the workplace from a part-time job.

We are often looking for short-term part-time jobs during the summer, so please check it out if you are interested. The hourly wage rate varies depending on the location and company, but the lowest is around 850 to 950 yen. It is said that the market price is around 1000 yen to 1500 yen at the high end.

Characteristics of people suitable for lifeguard

Have physical strength

Helping a drowning person requires considerable strength and skill. In addition, it would be desirable to have “endurance” that allows you to swim long distances.

Excellent judgment

Accidents at sea, sudden illness, etc., a momentary mistake in judgment can be fatal. It is required to be able to input accurate information and perform the best rescue method and first aid on the spot.

Have a sense of responsibility

It is a job that sometimes saves lives. Also, in order to fulfill our mission of preventing accidents, we must keep an eye on monitoring during work. It will be difficult to succeed if you just want to “love the sea” and “want to work near the sea”.

Universities with lifeguard clubs

Here is some information for those who are thinking of going to college.

“Lifeguard Club”
Surprisingly,  in USA City, Ibaraki Prefecture has a life saving club. In addition to working to protect the sea and pools, the university also puts effort into lifesaving competitions and volunteer activities, and is recommended for those who are interested.

The following is an excerpt from the  HP

Established in 1992, our club belongs to the Cabinet Office Specified Non-Profit Organization ” Lifesaving Association” and is the first lifesaving club established at a national university.

Our activity philosophy is to make efforts to make lifesaving activities understood by many people, and to contribute to the local community, focusing on waterside activities, rather than simply being an extracurricular activity at the university.

As a result, in 1993 we established the Otake Surf Lifesaving Club, which is based in Otake Kaigan, Hokota Town, Ibaraki Prefecture.

There, we are working with many people, including local people. Currently, we have achieved zero fatal accidents for the 17th consecutive year, and we are continuing our daily training with the aim of achieving zero accidents for the 18th consecutive year this year as well.

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“Lifeguard Club”

The, monitoring activities are the main activity, and students are actively working to promote international exchange, education for children, and environmental conservation. Through the activities (work) of lifeguard, it embodies that the range of social contributions can be expanded. If you are interested, please check the American lifeguard Association of website.

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