March 24, 2023
Interesting tellurium dioxide

Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) is the strong oxide of tellurium. It comes in two varieties: yellow plagiotic mineral. tellurite and artificial colorless tetragonal (paraturite). Much of the knowledge about response chemistry has come from research studies involving pariturite.

The natural mineral name for tellurium dioxide is “flavuride.” Chemical formula: TeO2. Molecular weight: 159.60 colorless crystal; melting point: 732.6 °C. Dicrystalline form: A tetragonal nitric acid derivative that resembles an octahedral form. After heating, it turns yellow, melts into a dark yellow fluid, and also cools to an acicular crystal (ordnance system) with a relative density of 5.91 (at 0 °C). Insoluble in water.

Adducts and salts dissolve easily in concentrated strong acids; it is also easily soluble in caustic antacids, which can be used to produce tellurite. Insoluble in ammonia. Tellurium is produced by combustion in oxygen or by the reaction of tellurium with cool, focused nitric acid, as well as by evaporation of the reaction solution.

Preparation technology

Prep work method of TeO2 crystal: reaction of essential tellurium powder with nitric acid, home heating to achieve full response of tellurium powder to quit releasing nitrogen oxide, evaporative air conditioning formation to get alkali tellurium Te2O3(OH)NO3, and also heating decay of this product at 400 °C.

Characteristics of TeO2 crystal:

  • High refractive index
  • Low noise depletion
  • Premium quality aspect
  • Outstanding acoustic and optical residential properties
  • Big noise as well as light top quality factor
  • High openness to visible light


Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) crystal is a kind of acoustooptic crystal product with outstanding residential or commercial properties. It has outstanding acoustooptic buildings, high all-natural wealth 130Te as well as dual β degeneration residential properties, and also premium quality aspect.


Tellurium dioxide powder is used to grow TeO2 solitary crystals or make acoustooptic products. It is a conditional glass developing representative as well as an additive that can be utilized in semiconductor components, conductive pastes, and also electroplating options.

Commonly used in acoustooptic deflectors, acoustooptic modulators, acoustooptic harmonics, acoustooptic filters, tunable filters, and other types of acoustooptic tools.

Under the same aperture, the resolution can be improved by orders of magnitude. Meanwhile, the acousto-optic tools made from tellurium oxide have the advantages of quick action speed, small driving power, high diffraction performance, and stable and reliable performance.

Consequently, TeO2 crystal is a sort of acoustooptic device material with broad application potential customers, especially acoustooptic modulator and acoustooptic harmonizer, which has been widely made use of in optical computer, optical interaction and optical tiny imaging technology.

Acoustooptic modulator

Acoustioptic modulation is a type of outside modulation technology. The tool that manages the adjustment of laser beam strength is usually called modulator. The modulated signal is acted on the transducer in the form of electric signal (amplitude inflection), and afterwards changed into the wave field transforming in the form of electrical signal. When the light wave goes through the tool, the optical service provider is modulated and also ends up being the strength modulated wave “carrying” information.

Acousto-optic modulator has the characteristics of big modulation data transfer array, short rise time, high damages threshold, high extinction ratio, little size, high inflection performance, very easy coding and easy to use. It is extensively made use of in intensity modulation, laser cooling, laser Doppler velocity measurement, laser Doppler vibration measurement (LDV). Laser linewidth dimension, product processing, LIDAR, printing, exploration, noting, micro-machining as well as various other associated areas.

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