March 24, 2023
Draw A Cobra

How to Draw A Cobra. Snakes often top the list of animals that induce fears and phobias.

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They can be significant, small, colourful, or opaque, and some are as harmless as worms, while others can be instantly deadly.

The cobra is one of the most recognizable snakes known for its crested and dangerous nature.

They may be one of the most feared snakes, but they are also one of the most beautiful, which makes many want to learn how to draw a cobra.

If you want to recreate this fantastic creature, you’ve come to the right place to Draw A Cobra!

Our step-by-step tutorial on drawing a cobra will show you how to draw this snake quickly and have fun!

How to Draw A Cobra

Step 1

As mentioned in the introduction, the most recognizable aspect of the cobra is the distinctive hood around the face.

With this, we start with the first step of our guide on how to draw a cobra. Let’s start with the face first.

With some round eyes, we draw eyes, and they are angled to make the cobra look cute and angry!

Next, we’ll use more curved lines for the top of the head. Next comes the mouth, and it wouldn’t be much like a cobra without a pair of creepy fangs!

We draw them with a few curved lines that meet at a sharp point extending from the palate.

Close the mouth with the bottom part, from which two smaller fangs protrude. Then there are wavy lines for the forked tongue.

Finally, use rounded and wavy lines for the cobra’s hood, as shown in the reference image to Draw A Cobra.

Step 2

For this second part of your drawing of the cobra, we’re going to draw a little more of the body along with some detail for what you drew in the previous step.

Draw a few lines down from the face, then extend them until they curl around the cobra’s lower body.

This can be tricky, so follow the reference image closely as you draw!

Next, we add rounder lines in the hood for extra detail. If you are happy with the look, proceed to step 3 to Draw A Cobra!

Step 3

We will add more details and body parts in this step of our guide to drawing a cobra. First, draw a few lines across the narrow front of the cobra.

These lines represent ridges on the cobra’s body that provide friction as it glides around.

We then use more rounded lines for the rest of the body outline, which end in a sharp point for the tail end to Draw A Cobra.

Step 4

Now that you’ve completed the outline of the body and head for your cobra drawing, we can start adding more details.

The main details we will add in this part are in the hood. For these details, draw some wavy lines on the outer and inner sides of the cap.

Next, we’ll add some shading detail to the tail, where it folds at the base of the snake.

Once you’ve drawn these details, we’re ready to finish off with some final touches in the next step before coloring in your awesome drawing to Draw A Cobra!

Step 5

We will finish some final details in this step of our guide on how to draw a cobra! To do this, we’ll add a few small rounded lines that connect all over the snake’s body.

This will help show some scale detail on the cobra’s skin. Once you’ve drawn them, you can move on to the final step!

Before you do, this is your chance to get creative with your touches. You could draw a background for an idea, which would be a great way to customize the environment you envision this cobra living in to Draw A Cobra.

Step 6

You have reached the final stage of your cobra drawing, and in this one, you can complete it with some unique colors!

Authentic cobras aren’t usually as colorful, so we opted for more muted browns and beiges in our reference image.

Although the colors we use are more muted, we still incorporate them into a colorful pattern in the hood and throughout the body to give the colors more vibrancy.

These are the colors we chose, but when it comes to the final colors and media you use, it’s entirely up to you to Draw A Cobra!

Your Cobra Drawing is Finished!

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