March 24, 2023

A well-maintained vape tank is essential for your device’s best performance and durability, as anybody who enjoys vaping knows it. Frequent cleaning and upkeep may stop accumulation and guarantee that your tank operates effectively.

Why Should Your Vape Be Cleaned?

The simplest method to get peak performance is with a clean vape. Although vape juice’s chemicals often won’t leave stains on your devices, residue will build up and eventually impair the functionality of your preferred vaporiser.

Maintaining And Cleaning Your Vape Tank:

Here are a few easy steps to maintain and clean your tank.

Step 1- Disassemble Your Tank:

It’s crucial to unscrew your vape tank before you start cleaning it. Disassemble the tank’s parts and remove them from your device. The tank, coil, drip tip, and any o-rings or seals are all included.

Step 2- Clean The Tank:

After taking apart the tank, thoroughly wash each part in warm water to remove any e-liquid residue. The tank may also be cleaned with a light detergent, but rinse it well afterwards to remove any soapy residue.

Use an ultrasonic cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. Add the disassembled tank parts to the water-filled cleaner and let it run for a while. This will assist in clearing away any trash and tenacious buildup.

Step 3- Clean The Coil:

Your vape tank‘s coil is crucial, and maintaining it clean is crucial for maximum performance. Warm water should be used to rinse the coil, and any accumulation or debris should be carefully removed with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Alternatively, immerse the vape coil in a bowl of warm water or a cleaner made especially for vape coils. When putting your tank back together, ensure the coil is completely dry.

Step 4- Reassemble Your Tank:

Use a fresh towel to dry each component after washing, or let them air dry. Reassemble your tank by inserting the coil back into it and reattaching any o-rings or seals when it has dried. Then, screw the tank back onto your device and connect the drip tip.

Step 5- Regular Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your tank operating correctly. If you vape regularly, you should clean your tank and coil more frequently than once per week. Changing your coil every two to three weeks is also a good idea, depending on how much you use it.

It’s essential to keep your tank correctly in addition to doing routine cleaning and maintenance. Avoid storing your vape tank in the sun or extremely hot or cold conditions.

A Clean Vape Is A Good Vape:

  • The simplest method to get peak performance is with a clean vape. Vape juice’s components typically won’t leave stains on your equipment, but residue will build up and eventually impair performance. Coils are infamous for becoming gunked up by vegetable glycerin, some darker e-juice flavourings, and notably sugary tastes. A clogged coil will produce less flavour and vapour and may cause your vape to taste scorched.


  • The flavour from your previous juice could still be present in your vape tank even after changing the coil head. This is especially true for dominating scents, including Melon, Grape, Liquorice, Coffee, Menthol, and Cinnamon.


  • Suppose your vaporiser is brand-new. Tanks and atomisers can occasionally be delivered smelling like machine oil. The distinctive fragrance will identify them even if they don’t appear to be unclean. Whether your device is brand-new or well-used, cleaning it properly is easy to guarantee the finest experience. Fortunately, most tanks today are simple to clean if you follow the appropriate procedures.


Finally, being a responsible vape enthusiast requires regular cleaning and maintaining your vape tank. The longevity of your equipment may be increased, and accumulation prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance. You can ensure your tank remains in excellent condition by following the easy instructions in this article.

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