April 1, 2023

Are you thinking of switching in the direction of Facebook Gaming? If so, your most pressing questions could be: “How do Facebook streamers make money?”

You’re not alone. A growing number of broadcasters are starting to look at Facebook’s options. In July 2020, Microsoft shut down its live streaming platform, Mixer, and announced plans to switch its creators to Facebook Gaming. Famous streamers such as Disguised Toast Corinna Kopf and StoneMountain64 have found their new place on Facebook Gaming, which has brought their fans with them.

A report for 2020 from Streamlabs as well as Stream Hatchet shows buy facebook page likes uk making significant gains and now accounts for 11% of the market shares (versus YouTube’s 20 percent and Twitch’s 68 percent). In the last year, the platform has increased by three times the hours it has watched and more than quadrupled its average viewing times per concurrent user.

The numbers do not lie. There’s a lot of potentials to profit from the emergence of a new platform and, more importantly, viewers available for grabs.

But what is the monetization process? What are the ways Facebook streaming users make money?

In the end, you’re more comfortable with the Twitch Bit and YouTube membership than Facebook’s Stars and supporters. It’s not just your livelihood and careers at risk. Platform changes are a rky vend. If you’re willing to take a chance at a change, it is essential to understand the inc available income-generating tool. The most frequently asked inquiries we get are:

What is the difference between Facebook monetization and Twitch and YouTube?

Does Facebook have a comparable feature to Super Chats?

Are there subscriptions per month on Facebook Gaming?

How do donations function?

What is the impact of ad revenue?

Let’s look at each individually and help solve some of the mysteries surrounding buy facebook page likes uk Gaming. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine which platform is best for you.

The question is, how DO Facebook streamers earn money?

Facebook Gaming streamers generally make money from three sources: Stars (equivalent to Twitch Bits) and Subscribersonthly subscriptions) as standard-party contributions. Other ways to earn revenue include advertising or merchandise sales and brand affiliate income. We have a program similar to ours on VBI. For most new streamers, however, the Supporter, Stars, and donations make most of their earnings.

However, just how are they working? What are their functions? How are they compared with Twitch as well as YouTube? Let’s see.


Stars are the equivalent of Twitch Bits or YouTube Super Chat/Stickers. They are Facebook’s platform currency, allowing viewers to donate directly to broadcasters.

Viewers can earn Stars to earn shoutouts from streamers and show unique animations in chat. In general, the more Stars donated, the bigger the energy and the more time displayed on the screen. More Star donations also permit fans to send messages. When a channel is created, Star donators unlock a “Star Sender” badge next to their names in chat.

Before making use of Stars, users must purchase them via Facebook. To buy Stars, users pay a small cost to buy facebook page likes uk. For instance, 100 Stars cost $1.40.


Creators retain all of their Star revenues. Like Twitch, Facebook takes its share from viewers when they initially purchase the currency. Not from streamers.

You’ll be paid when you’ve reached 10,000 Stars, equivalent to 100 dollars (also comparable to Twitch). The payouts are usually made within 30 days following the end of the month during which the stars were received. For instance, Stars received in February will be paid at the beginning of April. You can monitor your current balance on Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook Creator Studio under Star Stats.

To earn Stars for your channel, first, you’ll have to sign up for Facebook’s level-up program. To be eligible, you’ll need to stream two days of gaming-related content during the preceding 14 days, with at least 4 hours of streaming (at minimum). Additionally, you’ll need to have 100 followers on your buy instant facebook likes. Then, after being accepted by the Star, you can rack up Star earnings.


Facebook Gaming Supporters, sometimes known as “Fan Subscriptions,” are like Twitch subscribers or YouTube Subscribers.

For an annual fee, Supporters get perks on your channel (plus the chance of being heard in-stream). This includes a special badge for supporters (similar to sub badges), a customized chat sticker (identical to emoticons), and additional exclusive content, such as chat rooms, videos, posts, photos, polls, and giveaways.

In contrast to Twitch and YouTube, unlike YouTube and Twitch, there aren’t several levels of subs. Instead, there is only one fundamental level. However, creators can customize their subscription prices, which range between .99 to 99.99 USD. This flexibility permits Facebook streamers to manage their revenue from subs and charge higher than most Twitch streamers. Additionally, it allows creators from other regions of the globe–especially areas with lower incomes to set lower prices for their viewers!

Presently, Facebook does not have an equivalent to Twitch’s highly-popular Prime Subscription (basically a ‘free’ financial assistance to creators). It’s a big pity because more giant Twitch streamers make modest sums from Prime subscriptions themselves!

Facebook does offer a gifting service to community members that are only available to users on mobile devices. Like Twitch, supporters can give “free” one-month subscriptions to other viewers. Fan subscriptions can be given either individually or in groups of 5, 10, 25, or 50.


In the past, Facebook took a 30 percent cut from the total number of fan subscriptions (compared to 50 percent of Twitch and 30 percent of YouTube). If your subscription is valued at just $5, you will make $3.50 for each Supporter.

However, this all changed in June 2021, when the Partnerships Manager announced an end to the rev share for subscriptions at least until 2023. Facebook Gaming streamers can keep 100 percent of the supporter revenues!

But there’s a caveat. The announcement only applies to desktop viewers, who make up 20%- 30% of the total viewers. While the concept of sub-revenue at 100% is an incredible option (and that’s precisely what it’s! ) However, it only applies only to a small percentage of supporters who could be eligible.

For streaming services that are mobile streamers, they will have to pay 30 percent of their earnings. Why 30%? That’s because mobile device companies Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) demand an additional 30% of purchases made in-app. (It’s important to note that Apple’s and Google’s percentage is reduced to 15% in their second subscription year, which means you’ll make more money by subscribing over a year!)

Supporter payments will be made monthly once you have reached the minimum of $100. Like Stars, the sub-revenue can be calculated by the close of each month, which is paid out around 30 days after. (For instance, your sub revenue for April is most likely to be received within the first week of June). https://nexttechtrends.com/

To be eligible for fans’ subscriptions, you must be a member or a member of the Level Up program or a partnered streamer. Also, you must have at least 250 weekly returning viewers.


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