March 24, 2023

HOA expers charleston fees are monies you, the homeowner, pay to your homeowners association for the upkeep of the community. These funds are budgeted by the board of directors and community members based on how much it costs to keep your neighborhood up and running. These yearly assessments are often used for maintenance of amenities, shared greenspace and other assets such as pool and splash pad.

Benefits of HOA Express

HOA Express offers a website builder that allows communities to create and manage their own online community websites. This software allows residents to view governing documents, meeting minutes and deed restrictions online.

This makes it easier for them to make decisions about their properties, and for HOA supervisors to track visitor activity. The software also provides a communication tool that allows administrators to send newsletters, announcements and event details.

It also has an event management system that lets residents register for events and pay their dues online. This helps reduce delinquent payments and improves customer satisfaction.

It also has a secure file library that keeps sensitive files, reports and documents private. You can use fine-grained controls to limit access to certain content to only board members and homeowners.

Get Started Today

HOA Express is a homeowners association software platform designed to help condominium owners build community websites, improve engagement with residents, and manage online payments, visitor tracking, surveys, and more on a centralized platform.

Homeowners associations (also known as homeowner’s associations, condo/townhome/condominium associations, or ‘HOAs’) are governing organizations that manage residential communities and oversee community assets such as pool facilities, landscaping, neighborhood signage, entrances, etc. They also administer HOA fees which are collected from all property owners within the community to fund maintenance and future improvements to common areas.

HOAs are governed by a board of directors who have fiduciary responsibility to the community. The board’s role includes ensuring that all property owners are aware of and adhere to the community’s restrictive covenants, bylaws and statutory laws.

Easy Setup Wizard

HOA Express offers an easy setup wizard that helps you get started with your community website quickly and efficiently. The wizard features seven pages and is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Some of the steps are optional, while others are required for proper installation.

The initial page displays a few interesting features, such as the ability to select which language is preferred for site creation and maintenance. The system automatically pre-selects one of the languages according to your browser’s settings, while you can choose other languages by clicking on them in a drop-down list. It also checks the system’s configuration to see if it needs to be optimized (in this case, an additional button called “Finetune” will appear). Finally, the wizard shows you how to import a package from another HOA Express instance with a similar name using the built-in package import interface. The wizard has several other features as well, including the ability to send carrier notifications.

Custom Designs

If you’re looking to make your HOA website unique, you can do so with a custom design. Unlike templates, a custom design will be built around your marketing strategy and will give you the chance to control how your site looks. This allows you to better showcase your community and tell people what makes it special.

HOA communities are growing in popularity in Charleston, WV, because they offer attractive amenities and services. But as you can imagine, they come with a lot of responsibilities. Thankfully, professional HOA management services can take care of these tasks and help your community run smoothly. Elite Management Services offers a variety of custom management plans to suit the needs of your community. With their support, your HOA will be able to focus on what matters most – serving the residents of your community. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your community stand out from the rest.

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