March 24, 2023
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You want to increase your online presence via your website, only you don’t know how to go about it… For that, you need concrete examples of website content that can convert your prospect into a customer. Without even talking about optimization, what should you show on your pages? The opportunities are varied, but your persona expects to find certain headings in particular. What content can you use to retain your audience? How to present your offer and establish your expertise with your target? Here we discuss different ways to turn her into a regular customer.

Examples of website content to build audience loyalty

There are different ways to retain your audience through the content of your site. Certainly, your home page is important, but don’t forget to include a blog section, to offer a newsletter to your prospects or to add a contact form.

Include a blog on your website

The blog is an important element of your site, even essential to retain your audience. It allows you to create content regularly. The main thing is not quantity, but rather quality and duration. You can publish one or four articles per month, the key is to stick to it and publish texts with high added value. Creating an editorial schedule can be a solution to staying regular and organized.

Obviously, the more you publish, the more likely you are to increase your visibility on the web. And if you are afraid of running out of time, do not hesitate to call on an SEO web editor. This one will be able to write your blog articles for you by optimizing them. This is how they will be highlighted on Google’s results pages. Over time, your website will generate more and more traffic, between your loyal readers and occasional visitors.

Give the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter

In the same way as blog articles, setting up a newsletter allows you to create a link with your target. If the visitor appreciates your site and shares the same values ​​as you: he will not hesitate to subscribe to your newsletter. Again, regularity is important. Determine the frequency of sending your emails and stick to it. It can be once a week or even once a month. An SEO web editor can also take on this mission.

The newsletter has a more intimate format than your website content or blog posts. During this meeting with your audience, do not hesitate to open up. Opt for sincerity and proximity with your subscribers, they are waiting for that! Here are some ideas for information you can share:

  • the daily life of your business or your life as an entrepreneur;
  • advice and tips in your area of ​​expertise;
  • your new products and offers in preview;
  • your failures and your successes, put the human front;
  • the events of the year can also be useful in your communication;
  • etc.

Keep in touch with website visitors

You’ve set up a blog and a newsletter, but the work doesn’t stop there. There is one last example of website content to discover and which is very important. This is to give users the opportunity to reach you easily via a contact page. Here are two tips to make it effective:

  • Insert a form to facilitate contact with your prospects. Also, don’t forget to include your contact details, especially if you are a locally based business. You even have the option of adding a map to it so that you can be found easily. Also consider the ghostwriting companies to integrate small buttons that redirect to your various social networks.
  • Make yourself available to your customers. They need to find answers to their questions, so provide them with advice and solutions by creating an FAQ, for example. Mention the responsiveness and attentiveness of your after-sales service.

Preview of the content of a website to establish its expertise

Retaining your audience is one thing, but you also have to think about showing your expertise to your prospects. You have to prove to them that they can trust you. This requires a detailed and fair presentation of your offers, a page about quality or even testimonials of satisfaction from your customers.

Present its services on its website

On your website, it is important to promote your offers from the home page. Your potential client needs to know clearly what your services are. At a glance, he should be able to see if you can solve his problem. By scanning your different services, the customer just has to click on those that interest him to discover the details.

So, add more information on a page dedicated to each of your offers. opt for optimized content written by a professional in order to promote your services in the eyes of Google and therefore, your prospects.

Write or have a qualitative page written

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So, do not hesitate to delegate the writing of your about page to a web editor if you do not feel like a writer. It is said of a page about that it is storyteller. This writing technique is much more literary than the rest of your website. And yet, it is also very important. You have the option of presenting it in the form of an interview or even using geolocation for better local visibility.

In the same spirit as the newsletter, do not hesitate to be yourself and to deliver. In your about page, highlight your story. How did you get here today? What drives you in your job? Also talk about the beginnings of your business. Present their values ​​and yours. The about page lets you show your prospect that you know what you’re doing. In addition to establishing your expertise, you show him that he can trust you. You know your subject.

Share the testimonials of satisfied customers on its website

Finally, here is one last example of website content: customer testimonials. Share their satisfaction on your site. When you finish a service, do not hesitate to ask your customers if you have met their expectations. You can even provide them with a few questions to answer to guide them in this process. Then publish these good feedbacks on your website. Again, this shows your professionalism.

Attach a photo of your customers to your testimonials. Once again, it’s more meaningful when people are at the heart of the matter. There are several ways to share customer reviews on your website.

  • You can make them appear on your homepage. This way, your prospects come across it right away.
  • You can also make them accessible in the details of your services. With this way of doing things, if a prospect is interested in one of your services, he has quick access to positive feedback from your previous customers on the offer in question.

You now have various examples of website content at your disposal. Enough to make you a place on the web and become a reference in your field. Remember that in case of lack of time, you can entrust these missions with your eyes closed to a web editor.

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