March 26, 2023
Dutchie launches new cannabis point of sale platform with its own dual-screen register-featured

A dual-screen terminal for dispensaries is part of the new cannabis point of sale technology that Dutchie is launching today. Just a few weeks ago, the business unveiled Dutchie Pay, a brand-new payment platform.

The cannabis technology business is now providing cannabis owners with one of the most complete solutions to run dispensaries with Dutchie POS and Dutchie Pay. The new point of sale system benefits both the consumer and the budtender. The front-of-house capabilities and customisable budtender’s perspective allow for better customer interactions while still managing inventory and providing regulatory compliance data.

In 2017, Ross and Zach Lipson co-founded Dutchie, which has now raised $603 million. At the time of its raising in November 2021, the firm had a $3.75 billion market value. Currently, Dutchie employs over 700 employees.

Prior to the Dutchie POS’s debut, Zach Lipson told TechCrunch that this system is designed to work with dispensaries of all sizes. The system is flexible enough to accommodate enterprise-level dispensaries and MSOs, yet it is easy and basic enough for SMBs and mid-market merchants.

In 2021, Dutchie began developing this platform, and according to Lipson, it did so after thorough research. He claims that to gather information, the business talked with “literally hundreds” of merchants. In order to accelerate the development of the point of sale platform, the business additionally purchased Greenbits and Leaflogix.

With Leaflogix and Greenbits, we want to provide the best of both worlds, according to Lipson. And it seems to be a mix of strength and reliable configurability, which Leaflogix executed really well. Retailers often expressed a desire for technology to “conform to their operations and simply get out of the way,” according to our observations.

The point-of-sale platform, in Lipson’s opinion, provides merchants with a seamless, integrated experience that is completely adaptable to the retailer’s SOPs. He said, “This is really crucial.” “Operators manage their dispensaries in a plethora of various ways. Additionally, it’s crucial that they include operational savings given their limits.

Dutchie’s point of sale solution depends on the new hardware terminal. The consumer receives a 10-inch screen, while the budtender uses a 15-inch screen for work.

The customer-facing display is really powerful, according to Lipson. “We’ve seen this in other retail settings, such as neighbourhood coffee shops or conventional retail, but not yet in the cannabis industry. Therefore, we are quite enthusiastic about this and want to do a lot with the customer-facing display in the near future.

This Dutchie POS is being introduced by Dutchie in all 50 states and Canada. The platform is offered as a SaaS, and cost is determined by use.

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