March 24, 2023
car breaker caboolture

Wrecked vehicles are seen in a car junkyard

The mistake of using the wrong motor oil

You’ve probably noticed a wide variety of oils with various numbers on them if you’ve ever visited a gas station or auto parts store and looked down the motor oil aisle.

For instance, 10W-40 and 5W-30. The letter “W” stands for “winter,” and it represents the viscosity of the oil in cold weather before the engine temperature (and oil temperature) rise. The following value indicates the oil’s viscosity at its intended working temperatures. Choosing the proper motor oil viscosity for you and the season you drive your car is critical because every automobile is unique and moved in various climates. 

This does not imply that you must replace your oil following the changing seasons. Rather, you should choose a lubricant suitable for all seasons and temperatures.

If you get your car serviced by a mechanic, they will check what oil is suggested for your vehicle in your area before changing it. If you do it yourself, choose the right oil because selecting the wrong one will undoubtedly result in issues in the future.

 Your engine is over revving

This is especially important for automobiles with manual transmissions. car breaker Caboolture
with automatic transmissions nearly always shift to the next gear before your engine hits its redline (or is already there), keeping you from going over it. 

When you push your engine too hard and frequently hit the rev limits, you are causing more damage than is necessary. However, your rev restriction prevents your automobile from speeding past the redline. Your engine rpm would escalate to an uncontrollably high if you downshifted too low when using a manual transmission, and your rev limiter could not stop it. This is one of the ways to destroy your car’s engine because if you exceed the redline, you will damage the internal engine components (for example, by throwing a rod).

Although this recommendation only applies to older vehicles, engine oil replacement is often recommended every 3000 miles. Modern automobiles have replaced this number with nearly 7000 miles, which means they can operate for quite a while without changing the oil. You still need to change your oil even if you haven’t done so for a long time. Do not put it off and delay it any longer. When the time is up, take your car to get its oil changed.

 Refrain from replacing your filters sufficiently often.

The cabin, engine air, fuel, and oil filters are the four essential filters in your car. A filter is a membrane that removes impurities from oil, fuel, and air to ensure that only pure petroleum and air enter your engine.

If you replace these filters regularly, they’ll clog up and make it easier for your engine to draw in gasoline and air. Furthermore, as they become clogged, they may lose the capacity to efficiently filter your fuel and air, allowing these contaminants to reach your engine. This will harm your engine’s ability to function correctly. Similarly, your cabin filter protects you and your passengers by removing airborne impurities and directing clean air inside the vehicle via your air conditioner and heater.







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