March 24, 2023
PGDM in Marketing 2023

PGDM in marketing is a post-graduate management program that entirely focuses on marketing and prepares aspirants to be future leaders in the field of marketing and business. The course offers a specialized study of consumer preferences and behavior and a strong professional edge. The curriculum of PGDM in marketing management mostly involves marketing, branding, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and marketing research. The course equips you with a variety of multidisciplinary skills.

Career options PGDM in marketing

The PGDM in marketing management course provides the base for a high-flying career in marketing and business. It prepares aspirants for more than careers in marketing as students can pursue specializations like marketing, healthcare, or IT to develop skills applicable to specific industries. The course opens many career opportunities as marketing is a broad concept. There are many job options after PGDM in marketing; some of them are listed for you:

  1. Sales manager

PGDM in marketing helps you to pursue a job as a sales manager. They guide and lead a team of salesmen in the organization. The job profile comprises building sales, analyzing data, assessing sales territories m, sales training as well as mentoring the team members. They are the experts who assist in setting up quotes and salary goals and are involved in the recruitment and termination process.

  1. Brand manager

PGDM in marketing management degree will help you to become a responsible brand manager. Your job is to build and promote the company’s brand, which is one of the most vital components of marketing; brand marketing is different from sales and is considered a dynamic field. The main objective of a brand manager is to create a popular and positive image of the product and show it to the target audience; for this; you should have a creative mind. A brand manager is among the highest pay job profiles and can expect an increment in salary with experience.

  1. Market research analysis

It is another great option after getting MBA in marketing degree from the best college.   Working as a market research analyst, you are responsible for analysing the patterns and present market and working accordingly with the latest trends. You have to come up with creating new marketing strategies and which also include designing various research methodologies and surveys to collect information.

  1. Digital Marketing

With a degree from the best institute in Pune, like Lexicon, you can work as a digital marketer, considered the most valuable job for PGDM graduates. You main work digitally. The job role includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, web content, etc. as a manager; you have to work for B2B and B2C. You have to well verse with all free and paid digital tools accessible on the web to get assistance. You can work as an SEO manager, PPC expert, content writer, and social media marketer.

  1. Public relation manager

PGDM in marketing management help you to become public relation manager, and your job is to manage the information between the public and the organization. You have to work as a promotion manager and are responsible for shielding and enhancing the name and fame of the organization through media and advertising. It is one of the most preferred job roles by many management students nowadays because of advancement in the marketing field.

If you are nervous about entering the marketing field, go for it, as it is among the most interesting job roles after PGDM in marketing degree. To make a start, you must enroll in the Best Management Institute in Pune, Lexicon Management institute offering PGDM programs to aspirants. The college offers many PGDM specializations and helps students to polish their leadership skills and offer practical skills and applied theory. The PGDM curriculum of the institute exposes you to a wide range of business topics, from finance to operations, from marketing to business. To get into PGDM in marketing, you can check the college’s official website to know all the details.

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