March 25, 2023
BA LLB Degree

A Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of Legislative Law is an integrated degree program that allows students to learn from the best of both worlds. The syllabus is well-rounded and prepares students for the ultimate goal of pursuing a career as a lawyer.

A BA LLB course is one of the most favorable law courses in Bangalore as students acquire the skills and knowledge that are required to become legal practitioners and competent advocates. Pursuing such a course offers plenty of career opportunities in law firms, legal chambers, courts, and government agencies as well. In this blog, we shall discuss some of the best career options after the completion of a BA LLB course.

Best career options after BA LLB

  1. Legal Secretary

It is one of the most preferred and sought-after positions for a BA LLB degree holder from the best law colleges in Bangalore. One can secure a job opportunity in a law firm where the role of a legal secretary is essential. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the legal system and need to have an eye for small details, possess excellent communication skills, and have a grasp of legal terminology.

A legal secretary is an executive who has to perform law firm support functions such as preparing case files, conducting research, and reviewing correspondence. Moreover, legal secretaries need to handle the intake of clients and their cases, maintain the confidentiality of client and case information, make appointments, and screenings, and routing a call, take shorthand and dictation, etc.

  1. Law clerk

A BA LLB degree holder can join a law firm as a law clerk. A law clerk is an assistant to a judge or a lawyer and is an attorney. He/she may choose to specialize in a specific area of the law such as tax or corporate law. A law clerk serves as a research assistant who has to assist the judge in the administration of justice.

Law clerk performs various tasks, but their main work involves a lot of writing, conducting legal research, and providing assistance to judges. They also help an attorney draft legal documents, prepare legal pleadings, precedents, and research and write briefs.

  1. Legal Associate/ Advisor

Legal associates are supervised by attorneys and work for law firms. They are lawyers who help senior lawyers with legal and other professional matters. They are trained through law courses in Bangalore to provide administrative and legal support to a lawyer and work in various departments such as real estate, tax, corporate, and litigation.

  1. Litigation lawyer

A litigation lawyer is involved in the various stages of a legal dispute, right from the beginning to the final proceedings. Their role is to understand what necessary legal actions need to be taken for settling a dispute.

Litigation lawyers from the law institute in Bangalore get to practice in various areas of the law, but the most significant aspects of their job include conducting research, interacting and negotiating with clients, preparing for legal proceedings, and presenting arguments before a judge.

  1. Criminal lawyer

As the title suggests, a criminal lawyer handles all criminal cases. Any Indian citizen in India can become a criminal lawyer as long as they are registered under the Bar Council of India.

The role of a criminal lawyer involves defending clients who have been accused of a crime. Hence, they may represent an individual or a business that is charged with a crime in a court of law. Moreover, a criminal lawyer can also represent a defendant in a civil case where compensation is claimed for damages.

No matter what the specialization, any individual who holds a BA LLB degree must be responsible and ensure the safety of the innocent as they should not be penalized for false accusations. So, travel an ethical path as that is the only thing that will reward you with a long and successful career in law.

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