March 24, 2023

This training is open to girls or boys, seniors de 16 to 77 years old (minimum de 17 years of age or liberation during the day de BNSSA exam and major de your first job of the day), with a minimum de physical condition
To become a pour passer BNSSA and obtain the title Swim Lifeguard , you must be at least 17 years old, have a medical certificate and hold a PSE1. Candidate should follow preparation with approved body.

What diploma to supervise beaches?

The National Patent de Security and de Aquatic Rescue (BNSSA) allows viewing paid swimming pool or body of water with free access, patent de supervisor de bathing (BSB), allows viewing only in the center de vacation or de hobbies.

Supervisor bath

  • Must be at least 17 years of age on the day of commencement of training, BSB is only awarded to minor candidates on their majority (18 years).
  • Recognized as medically fit to practice swimming and lifesaving.
  • Have minimal swimming ability and training.

What is a lifeguard?

A person authorized to teach swimming, supervise swimming pools, beaches, etc.

Who can issue swimming certificate?

Can it give you a degree in swimming ? The lifeguard certificate near me diploma issued by coach lifeguards, which certifies that the swimmer is able to cover a certain distance from 25 to 400 meters, for example and if necessary.

How to find swimming diploma?

Go to SIRACED-PC at the prefecture to request your certificate diploma . 2. Go to the DDJS you depend on to request a duplicate diploma , along with a written request and a copy of your Pro Card or your BNSSA transcript.

Why take BNSSA?

Le BNSSA makes it possible to assist lifeguards (BPJEPS AAN) to monitor public or private beaches, private swimming pools and to monitor public swimming pools. … you can test your knowledge using our MCQ with bnssa correction.

When to renew your BNSSA?

Rules Holders who wish to extend the validity of the BNSSA Diploma are subject to verification of learning retention every five years, in which only the 100m rescue course and the difficult examinations help the individual.

When should you recycle your BNSSA?

BNSSA Recycling : Every 5 Years!

Holders of a BNSSA more than 5 years old must pass a revision exam (or ‘ re -use ‘) to maintain the validity of their diploma. … Training includes BNSSA Reuse DSA Upgrade (Continuing Education PSE-1).

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Which continuing education fundraiser?

OPCA stands for “Approved Equal Collector ” and is a professional in charge of collecting financial obligations of companies within the rules . He is a special interlocutor for employees. Who wants to train.

How to get a dummy out of water?

2/ Heavy or large victim:

La sorting of you can be performed from the front;
The defender places both hands on the mannequin to keep its head as far away from the edge as possible ;
The savior leans on his two hands to depart Of you ;

What are BNSA Exams?

Les BNSSA Exams

Start at the edge of the pool or starting block followed by a 25m freestyle on the surface.
-25 courses of 2 m each consisting of 15 m in total immersion in a defined route without candidate support.
Dummy search between 1,80 m and 3,70 m after a “duck” dive.

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