April 2, 2023
Beginner Vaper

A few of the questions that beginner vapers often ask is which vape device would better suit their personality. Why do vape devices contain nicotine e-juices? Are e-cig and vape different? Are they easy to use? The answer to the first question is simply a “disposable vape”. It is the most suitable device for novice vapers. Read on the blog to know the answers to the remaining questions.

Nicotine E-juices And Smoking Quitters:

Remember, nicotine in e-juices is optional. If you do not want to inhale nicotine, you can opt for nic free e-juices. Nicotine e-liquids are specially created for smoking quitters. If you have been smoking for a while and want to get rid of it, you should pick a disposable vape device. It contains the appropriate nicotine strength in its e-liquid, giving you quick nicotine relief.

E-cigs And Vapes Are the Same! They Help You Quit Smoking:

E-cig and vapes are the same, and there is no difference. These are just the terms used interchangeably to describe vape devices. Smoking quitting is not that easy. If you are not a smoker, you will never understand the struggle a smoker has to go through to successfully achieve the quitting goal.


Though there are multiple smoking cessation techniques to help smokers, vaping stands out from the rest. It is one of the effective smoking quitting techniques. Hundreds of thousands of people have abandoned their smoking with the help of vapes. The Aroma King 3500 puffs vape is best for anyone looking to quit smoking.

Vapes Are Easy To Use:

Vape devices are simple, and anyone with little knowledge can use them. One of the convenient and non-hefty vape devices, Aroma King 7000 puffs offers you a smooth and effortless experience.


The vape devices are categorised into (a) rechargeable and (b) disposable vapes. Both of these devices are designed to help a smoker quit smoking. However, both offer slightly different experiences.


  • Rechargeable Vapes:

These vape devices are meant to reuse. The device contains a rechargeable battery, a refillable e-liquid tank, a replaceable coil, and a mouthpiece. Rechargeable vape devices are popular among avid vapers. The devices offer customisation and personalisation.

  • Simple Vapes:


These are the devices that are well-liked among beginner vapers. The reason why beginner vapers love them is that they are less intricate and more cost-effective. They do not have any complex settings, and neither do they carry any replaceable components. A disposable vape device comes precharged and prefilled. It has a very ergonomic mouthpiece through which you can quickly draw a puff. The best-selling vape devices are the Aroma King 3500 puffs and Aroma King 7000 puffs.


So. What’s Best For Beginner Vaper?

It is recommended for beginner vapers to always start their vaping journey with a simple disposable vape device. The device helps you overcome your nicotine addiction and helps you weave off your smoking without any hassle. It does not require much customisation, and any level of vaper can utilise it.

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