March 24, 2023
APRIMA EMR vs eClinicalWorks EMR

Healthcare practitioners use various practice management systems to streamline clinical work. EHRs (electronic health records) provide two of the most fundamental services: patient portals and appointment scheduling systems. This article compares APRIMA EMR vs eClinicalWorks EMR features and pricing. It will also share information about its demos with you so that you can make an informed decision. 

What Is the APRIMA EMR? 

Physicians use APRIMA EMR in over 70 specialties. It supports general care, a variety of surgical specialties, and many more. It is very ad and utilized in a wide range of contexts. It is used in traditional medical offices, home/palliative care settings, and others. 

What is the eClinicalWorks EMR? 

eClinicalWorks is a market-leading EHR and practice management software. Clinics and medical institutions of all sizes use it. It aims to assist in successfully managing appointments, timetables, and billing. It offers solutions for all stages of the patient care delivery process. More than 850,000 medical professionals worldwide use this service to write notes. They can use speech, touch, or templates, access clinical knowledge, and more.

What Does APRIMA EMR Have in Store for Me? 

Let’s take a look at the features that make APRIMA software stand out: 

Key Features  

Diagnosis Anticipation 

With APRIMA, increasing efficiency for plan-based care is easier than ever. Adaptive learning detects what is being recorded in a patient’s records. It can predict probable future moves. This software will look at a provider’s regular course of action and present a plan. It includes giving drugs, orders, usual procedures, plan comments, and patient education. 

Simple Reporting 

The program includes a MARCA-compliant dashboard. It allows you to dive down into KPIs or get a high-level overview of your practice. As a result, you can manage the financial and billing outcomes of your practice.  

Medical Charting  

APRIMA’s replication technology offers providers access to patient charts and clinical notes. They can check them anywhere and anytime, even without an internet connection. It is also helpful for providers who see patients out of the office (e.g., nursing homes). Its offline mode will track any changes and, when reconnected to the network, updates the charts to the most current version.  

Bilingual Portals 

Patient portals enable users to take advantage of their own healthcare requirements. You can empower bilingual users with portals that respond to their preferred language. 

So, What Is APRIMA EMR Going to Cost My Clinic? 

The pricing details about APRIMA are not shared on the website. The APRIMA EMR cost is based on the size of your practice and is completely configurable.  

How to Access the APRIMA EMR demo? 

The APRIMA demo can guide you about the software’s capabilities. It can also be helpful when it comes to resolving queries and FAQs about APRIMA. You can schedule an APRIMA demo by contacting the support team.  

How Do Users Rate APRIMA?  

The APRIMA software has a rating of 8/10 on TrustRadius. The users testify that APRIMA “is useful for documentation of patient data.” APRIMA medical software has a very simple interface.” The APRIMA system tends to lag with too many commands.  

What Does eClinicalWorks Software Have in Store for Me? 

Here are some of the key features of the eClinicalWorks EHR: 

Key Features  


The eClinicalWorks telemedicine system allows patients to book online appointments with their physicians. They can book appointments from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Using the ‘healow’ Virtual Room, providers and patients can consult with medical specialists too. 

Hospital Integration 

Data must be exchanged across many clinics or divisions within a hospital. Its EHR can connect with various radiology vendors or RIS system that supports HL7. The comparison and analysis of this data results in improved population health. 


Physicians can change the scheduling feature to add new patients or look up existing patients using this tool. They can search for appointments and handle scheduling requests. They can also manage resource and specialist equipment scheduling. 

And What Is eClinicalWorks Software Going to Cost Me? 

Again, the eClinicalWorks EHR also provides a configurable pricing system to users. This makes it possible for users to scale eClinicalWorks across their practice despite its size. You can request a bespoke price by contacting the eClinicalWorks sales team. 

How to Access the eClinicalWorks EHR Demo? 

The eClinicalWorks demo takes you around the software in real time. It helps you visualize the capabilities of eClinicalWorks from various angles. You can schedule the demo by contacting the customer rep. Alternatively, click on the Get Demo button.  

How Do Users Rate eCW eClinicalWorks? 

The eClinicalWorks software has a rating of 5.2/10 on TrustRadius.  

Users tend to agree that eClinicaWorks make it easier to access different screens.  

eClinicalWorks reviews also claim that it has “eliminated the manual entry mistakes.” 

Some users think that eClinicalWorks is not as “intuitive as it should be.”

Drum Roll… APRIMA EMR vs eClinicalWorks EMR

APRIMA EHR is built around a single database that provides a complete picture of a patient’s history. This EHR does not need the use of several databases or files. It provides customizable reports and is suited for small healthcare enterprises. This program for doctors serves more than 70 different medical fields. 

Physicians and nurse practitioners appreciate eClinicalWorks, a certified cloud-based EMR. It provides practice management, employment management, and clinical recording guidelines. It can also be used to manage the revenue cycle and engage patients. It also offers telemedicine, population health management, and technology interoperability solutions. 

APRIMA and eClinicalWorks are tough competition for each other. Before you choose one of these two medical solutions, watch the demos. Also, consider the requirements of your practice for successful medical software integration. 


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