April 1, 2023
A new TikTok feature lets creators share TikTok Stories to Facebook and Instagram-featured

Although Facebook and Instagram are working hard to replicate TikTok inside their own applications as Reels, a new TikTok feature that is now rolling out will increase the visibility of the short-form video app’s content across Meta’s social networking sites. TikTok revealed to TechCrunch that it is introducing a new sharing option that would enable users to post their TikTok Stories to competing social networks, including both Facebook and Instagram. This function has been in beta testing since last year.

According to the firm, TikTok users have just recently started receiving the functionality, so it’s possible that you haven’t yet seen it in your own app.

As Meta has been striving to derank re-posted TikTok videos in Reels, the move may boost the exposure of TikTok content on its platforms. In particular, Meta informed its creators that original material would be given priority on Reels on Instagram and Facebook and that its algorithms would be on the watch for watermarks, such as the ones TikTok uses on its films, for example.

Reposting TikTok Stories, on the other hand, may open up new opportunities for TikTok producers to share their work with fans on other social media platforms without having to go out against Reels.

The upgrade adds a new sharing interface for TikTok Stories, which was initially seen in modifications found by product intelligence company Watchful.ai. Before, users could touch their friends’ profile pictures on the share sheet that appears when you select the three dots menu on a TikTok Story to immediately share their stories with them. Users may adjust the privacy settings, delete the movies, or save them to their smartphone using the same interface.

According to photos given by Watchful.ai and verified by TikTok, this sharing option will now feature a list of well-known social media platforms as well as a button to copy a URL to the video.

A new TikTok feature lets creators share TikTok Stories to Facebook and Instagram-1

Quick-tap options for sharing to Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories are available in the new row (as opposed to the Instagram Feed). To be clear, cross-posting to Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels is not included in this. Once again, sharing TikTok Stories, not TikTok videos, is the focus of this. Similar to other social media networks, stories may include both videos and still photographs. In other words, there isn’t a backdoor method to distribute TikToks to Facebook or Instagram surfaces other than Reels unless TikTok producers are already cross-posting their TikTok movies to their TikTok Stories.

Reels wouldn’t work well with TikTok Stories anyhow since they tend to be more informal or personal postings or Q&as with followers (like “Ask Me Anything”), which are also common on Instagram Stories. The new capability, however, may make it easier for a creative who mostly publishes on TikTok to connect with fans who often use other well-known social networking applications.

When the functionality would go live to all of TikTok’s users worldwide is unknown. TikTok Stories itself is currently undergoing worldwide testing, it should be noted. Given that the product has not yet been completely released, features like this new sharing option may or may not be made available to all users of the app, or they may alter by the time the product is made available to the general public.

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