March 26, 2023
american school shanghai

american school shanghai

Education is a process of creating skills of reasoning and judgement and prepares an individual for future professional life. The American school system as the name shows is an education system that is based on the rules followed by the United States. The American school system provides individual freedom and gives each group respect despite the diversity in their beliefs. It also endeavours to help individuals to reach their full potential, guide them to become responsible citizens, and also encourage them to play a key role in social progress.

 In Shanghai, the American school system is comprised of many levels such as Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary education, Secondary Education, and Junior High School. A school is a large sector that has not only various education levels but also a huge management system ranging from student management to academic management. Let’s discuss more characteristics of an American school management system.

Characteristics of the American school management Shanghai

School management is a vital part of every education system. This system is designed for the digitization of various administrative operations smoothly. School management software is the backbone of the school data management system and allows bulk data processing effortlessly. Take a glance at American school management software characteristics:

  1. Student information

By school management software all the information regarding students whether this information is on attendance, discipline, and achievement can be accessed. The teacher can get students’ data like their grades, address, personal information, etc, from this management software easily. Along with educational information about students some other information such as student’s medical history, billing, etc, are also saved in the data of the software.

  1. Attendance management

Mark attendance is crucial for classroom administration. In marking attendance a teacher has to spend a huge amount of time at the beginning of each class to keep a record that whose student is present in class and who is absent. In a manual marking attendance system, every so often it becomes difficult for a teacher to take attendance with precision. Also, this manual attendance system wastes a lot of precious classroom time. American school management software system provides an efficient attendance system.

  1. Save school staff information

A good school management system not only saves student data but also saves information about all staff including both teaching and non-teaching staff. This information can be used in future for various purposes and also use for some additional tasks like making a timetable. Nowadays, in some advanced systems, distinctive names and passwords are specified to each staff member to give them access to their field-related work.

  1. Parent Access

For parents, it is crucial to stay up-to-date about their children’s activities at school. But in today’s busy world, for parents, it is hard going to stay updated and connected about the activities and academic programs of their children. School portal apps make this so easy to stay updated with children’s performance. These apps help parents to participate in children’s education and co-curricular activities. These portal apps create a direct link between parents and teachers that would hugely beneficial for students’ academic performance.

  1. Online assignments and assessment

As we have moved toward digitization every aspect of education is now shifting online. Likewise, the assessments and assignments are also carried out online. Now, a teacher can assign each student a specific assignment as per his level of knowledge. To cut a story short, the school management software system makes grades assessments and assignment evaluations so effortless not just for the teacher but also for students.

  1. Report cards

The result card is the illustration of a student’s hard work and is the most anticipated phase during the whole academic year. But preparing results is a time-consuming process for both teachers and school administration. School management software makes the process of preparation of report cards easy and smooth using the database. In this management, software the report card would automatically generate by using already available data regarding each student like his class performance, attendance, and exam result.

  1. Admission management

Get rid of all the bundles of files and save all the data in the software management system. With this software, you can access the data of every student whenever you want. During the admission and registration process, one can easily get the data of all new and old students through this process. Moreover, by using this management software school administration can avoid human error and any calculation mistakes.

  1. Fee management system

To run the school management system smoothly fee management system plays a vital role. If the fee management system of a school does not go smoothly then it would impact negatively the school’s financial stability. Managing receipts and fee-paying slips is a huge and time-consuming responsibility. School management software systems offer an effective fee management system that makes the fee payment process hassle-free for both parents and school administration.


There are some key features of the American school system in Shanghai that makes the school management system so much easy. We have mentioned some of these key features of school management system software in this blog and we hope that these characteristics would surely help you better understand this system. Through the school management software system school administration can run in a smooth and hassle-free way. With help of a modern school management software system, you can perform the assigned task with utmost accuracy.  





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