March 24, 2023
Attract More Customers for your Gym

Despite challenges, the gym, fitness and wellness industry only grew and generated a revenue of 81.5 billion USD. The numbers give the entrepreneurs opportunities to explore and high hopes to be part of the industry.

As new entrepreneurs enter, that has made the industry highly competitive. You have to stand out from the crowd if you are to be successful. For instance, your Gym in the area could be the best one.

You may wonder how you can reach out to potential customers. You will not be able to attract more customers if you do not reach out to the customer and announce your existence. It would help if you crafted a marketing plan to reach out to potential customers carefully.

Developing a marketing plan and running a gym may seem arduous. You need not get carried away. This article discusses five tips that can draw inspiration to attract more customers to your Gym.

1. Invest in making video content

Making video content should be at the top of the marketing strategy. A video is a handy tool to make the marketing strategy very effective. The video creates an environment where potential customers experience what it is like to work out in the Gym.

The videos can inspire confidence among potential customers. Furthermore, you can maintain a better relationship with potential and existing clients. As a result, you can improve the sign-up rates for joining the Gym. Meanwhile, you can improve your brand’s visibility.

For instance, you can give potential clients a virtual tour of the facility in the videos. You can also include the existing clients explaining how they have benefited from the membership after joining the Gym.

The video also explains to the audience the workout regime and how your Gym differs from the competitors. You can share your knowledge about designing a workout regime and include updates if you plan to launch another Gym at a different location.

The next step that you can take is to understand what the audience requires and their demography. Once you know that and have all the data, you can also make various videos, for instance, educational, customer testimonials, entertainment, etc.

Furthermore, the videos can prompt potential customers to join the Gym, and you can recommend to the audience a workout regime. As a result, you can also gain the trust of potential customers. That means more customers at the Gym.

2. Use Gym management software

You wonder how using Gym management software will be beneficial in promoting your Gym. Here is how it will be helpful for you.

As you try to expand the clientele, you will have to manage the fitness regime of your clients. Keeping track of the fitness regime can often be tricky. Gyms scheduling software like Picktime does organize not only the customer’s fitness regime but also potential customers.

For instance, if a potential customer wants to schedule a demo class at the Gym, the 24/7 dedicated booking page makes the customer booking easy. They can choose the schedule they would like.

The software sends automated reminders over email and SMS. As a result, you can avoid potential and existing customers not showing up for the appointment scheduled. Furthermore, the software makes the scheduling system much more transparent, and that would inspire confidence among the customers.

For instance, customers can choose their schedule and the trainer they want to train them. Meanwhile, you can also manage the trainers’ schedule at the Gym. As a result, you can run the Gym as efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile, you can integrate payment gateways to receive customer payments. As the software makes your Gym much more accessible, that would give you a competitive edge in the market, attract more customers.

3. Remote secessions

You can offer remote workout secession to the customers. Life as such has become busier and busier for everyone. The potential customers may not have enough time to come to the Gym and maintain a fitness regime.

They may also want to follow a fitness regime. If you offer an online session to such an audience, you can tap into a new market. Furthermore, technology has caught up also. For instance, video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet would be highly beneficial if you plan to offer online secessions.

4. Offer discounts to customers

Offering discounts to customers is a practical marketing strategy you can adopt to attract more customers to the Gym—the deals provided easily catch the attention of potential customers. Here are a few tips that you can inspire from;

  • Discounts for making early payments

  • Seasonal discounts

  • Annual payment discount

  • Discounts upon receiving referrals

  • Discounts for loyal members

  • Discounts coupons for email subscribers

  • On-time payment discounts

When you offer discounts to customers, it is better to use a percentage discount than a price discount. For instance, it is better to provide the customers with a 20$ deal than a 2$ discount.

5. Online presence

Over the years, technology has advanced many folds, especially telecommunication and the internet. Furthermore, people can access the internet on their smart devices. As a result, potential customers have access to any information almost instantly.

Therefore, you have to maintain a robust online presence. Social media platforms have dramatically changed how businesses engage with their customers. For instance, you can target the potential customer based on demography, location, interests and gender.

Merely creating a presence on social media may not be enough to attract more customers. You should have a clear content strategy to engage and reach potential customers. You can begin by identifying the platforms that would yield more results.

Once you have determined the platforms, you must identify the content that draws the attention of potential customers. After you place the sort of content, you can begin developing the content for the social media platforms.

However, you also have to create a website for the Gym. Instead of checking on social media platforms, potential customers search for services on search engines. The website would guide them to your business.

Hopefully, the tips we have discussed will be beneficial to attract more customers to your Gym.

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