March 22, 2023
PGDM in Operations

The PGDM in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management is designed for those who wish to manage a company’s daily operations and procedures in the most effective way possible. The main business activities of any corporation are operations and supply chain management. After completing this program, students will have core managerial abilities that may be used in any industry. Additionally, it will impart to them the knowledge and skills they require.

As one of Bangalore’s top PGDM institutions, Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS) provides students with world-class instruction in various management courses. This college is among the top options for those interested in pursuing a PGDM in operations management program due to its cutting-edge teaching methods, outstanding professors, stellar placement record, and modern facilities.

Candidates can work in any industry after completing the PGDM in Operations Management program. Candidates can learn about new technologies that are common in the workplace over a 4 to 6-month training period included in the curriculum.

Following are some of the key sectors that hire PGDM in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management graduates:

Industry of supply chains: Supply Chain Managers are essential to the success of this industry. You can manage a company’s supply chain division by enrolling in the Operations and Supply Chain Management course.

Pharma: The candidate can pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry while pursuing a PGDM in operations management. They may control the supply chain for different pharmaceutical companies. These are specialized and occasionally call for carriers with temperature control.

One can easily obtain employment in numerous reputable pharmaceutical businesses, colleges, or universities as a Lecturer after completing programs like the PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management offered by organizations like IES MCRC.

Target the following positions after earning a PGDM in pharmaceutical management:

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution Manager
  • Drug Inspector Market Researcher
  • Brand Manager/Product Manager
  • Manager of Pharmaceutical Purchasing
  • Manager of Pharmaceutical Sales and Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Validation Manager
  • Medical Representative
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Distribution & Supply Chain Manager
  • Research & Development Manager

Purchase Manager, Sales Manager, Material Planner, Operations Manager,  and Purchase Analyst are the most popular positions you can obtain after earning a PGDM in Operations Management.

Purchase Manager: Buyers and purchasing agents are under the control of purchasing managers. They organize, oversee, and coordinate the procurement of goods, services, and materials for wholesalers and retailing groups. They manage difficult discussions and transactions as well. To guarantee that the best purchases, goods, and services are made, they supervise buyer agents and purchasing staff. This involves establishing procedures for how frequently their department will get item price estimates, how many bids to accept, and which vendors to consider.

Sales Manager: Salesgers find, hire, and train new employees in the sales force. Within corporations, sales managers are in charge of the sales staff. They define sales targets, analyze data, and develop training programs for companies’ sales staff.

Material planner: Material standards, making and maintaining inventory calendars, working with internal divisions, and managing stakeholder interactions outside the company are all duties of the material planner.

Operation Manager: intimate interaction between purchasing analysts and vendors necessitates expert negotiation, writing, and communication skills to write contracts. They must be masters of cost-benefit analysis and constantly utilize it while evaluating vendors and selecting the best option for their employer while keeping a deadline in mind.

Purchase Analyst: They are responsible for compiling monthly cost reports for stakeholders and keeping track of all vendor costs. A bachelor’s degree in engineering, accounting, business, or finance is required for purchasing analysts.


One of the most well-liked PGDM management courses is the PGDM in Operations Management. The right business school and mentoring can help students build successful careers.

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